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Authors: Yasunari Ishikawa, Jin Kawakita, Seiji Kuroda

Abstract: We have developed an improved HVOF spray process called “Gas-shrouded HVOF” (GS-HVOF) over the past several years. By using an extension...

Authors: A.M. Guo, Z.X. Yuan, W.X. Yuan

Abstract: The influence of trace boron and cooling rate on the thermal embrittlement of 2.25Cr -1Mo steel was investigated by thermo-mechanical...

Authors: Koshiro Aoki, Akira Azushima, Yoshiyuki Kondo

Abstract: The development of an ultrafine grained carbon steel during repetitive shear deformation of side extrusion and the properties after heat...

Authors: Xiao Chun Wu, Wen Yi Peng, Yong An Min

Abstract: With the Uddeholm self-restricted thermal fatigue method, the transformation of phase constitutions and morphology of boride layer after...

Authors: Xin Qiang Wu

Abstract: Low cycle fatigue tests were conducted in high temperature water for A533B pressure vessel steels with sulfur contents of 0.013, 0.025 and...

Authors: Jai Won Byeon, C.S. Kim, S.I. Kwun, S.J. Hong

Abstract: It was attempted to assess nondestructively the degree of isothermal degradation of 2.25Cr-1Mo steel by using high frequency longitudinal...

Authors: Renrong Lin, Ming Zhou Cao, Rui Yang

Abstract: Based on the damping alloy Fe-13Cr-6Al, five types of alloys are prepared in the present study with 1 at.% of Cr replaced by Mo, Mn or Nb,...

Authors: Can Dong Zhou, Jun Fei Fan, Hai Rong Le, Guo Chang Jiang, Jing Guo Zhang

Abstract: A structural steel, 35CrMoV steel, has been attempted firstly by explosive powder compaction followed by sintering (EPC-sintering). The...

Authors: Xiao Huai Xue, Song Nian Lou, Bainian Qian, Shaofei Yu

Abstract: The wire for high strength and toughness TMCP steels of submerged arc welding was developed. The low carbon and micro-alloying with Ti-B...

Authors: Dong Bok Lee, T.H. Kim, J.H. Ko

Abstract: Stainless steel and Ti metal fibers having a diameter of 3 µm were produced from wires by multiple extrusions. The suitable sheath coating...


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