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Authors: Kenji Matsuda, Susumu Ikeno

Abstract: The precipitation sequence of Al-Mg-Si alloys has been studied by high-resolution transmission electron microscopy (HRTEM). G.P. zone is a...

Authors: Koichiro Fukui, Mahoto Takeda, Takao Endo

Abstract: Precipitation behaviour in an Al-Mg-Si alloy aged at 403 K to 483 K was studied with respect to thermal stability and morphology of the...

Authors: Seong Taek Lim, Yong Yun Lee, Il Sang Eun

Abstract: An effort has been made to present optimum alloy designs of commercial 7175 and 7050 type alloys to be used in thick forgings with proper...

Authors: Dong Woo Suh, Sung Man Sohn, Moon Yong Lee, Sang Yong Lee

Abstract: The deformation behaviors of fully annealed or T6-treated 6061 and 7075 aluminum tubes are investigated at elevated temperature using...

Authors: P.K. Seo, Byung Min Kim, Chung Gil Kang

Abstract: The parts manufactured by die casting process usually contain liquid segregation and porosities. To solve these problems, the semi-solid...

Authors: J.K. Kim, Dong-Seok Chung, H.S. Park, Manabu Enoki

Abstract: The effect of beryllium (Be) on the precipitation behaviors and mechanical properties of Al–Cu–Li–Mg–Zr–(Ag) alloys was investigated. The...

Authors: C.-S. Chi, Y. Jeong, S.S. Kim, J.H. Lee, H.J. Oh

Abstract: The increase of capacitance on dielectric layer is associated with enlargement of etched surface area of electrodes for aluminum...

Authors: Moo Young Huh, J.P. Lee, Jae Chul Lee, Jong Woo Park, Young Hoon Chung

Abstract: The evolution of annealing textures and microstructures in the aluminum alloy 3103, which was subjected to deformation by either cold...

Authors: Dong Suk Lee, Gyu-Sam Shim, Mok Soon Kim, Won Yong Kim, Hiroshi Yamagata

Abstract: Compressive deformation behavior of pre-sintered Al-10Si-5Fe-1Cu-0.5Mg-1Zr (wt%) alloy containing 15% of porosity was investigated in the...

Authors: P.K. Seo, Chung Gil Kang

Abstract: The new rheology fabrication process has been developed to rheo die casting and rheo forming process. The barrel type equipment, which could...


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