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Authors: Yong Qing Zhao, Xue Dan Ma, Wei Lu Wu, Liang Feng, Hai Ying Yang, Lanlan Yu

Abstract: The semi-solid oxidation behavior of Ti14 alloy was researched. The results show that the weigh gain increases obviously with the increasing...

Authors: Yan Li, Takeji Abe

Abstract: The surface folds formed due to plastic deformation and the deformation behaviors of two kinds of polycrystalline titanium with grain sizes...

Authors: Tomoyasu Yamada, Hisamune Tanaka, Eiichi Sato, Itaru Jimbo

Abstract: The primary creep behavior at ambient temperature of typical h.c.p., b.c.c. and f.c.c. metals and alloys of annealed state was surveyed and...

Authors: H. Zhu, Dong Yi Seo, Kouichi Maruyama

Abstract: The effect of heat treatment on microstructure and property of Ti-45 and 47Al-2Nb-2Mn+0.8%vol.%TiB2 alloys (45XD and 47XD) has been...

Authors: Junji Takeda, Mitsuo Niinomi, Toshikazu Akahori

Abstract: The effects of microstructure and contact pressure on fretting fatigue characteristics of Ti-4.5Al-3V-2Mo-2Fe conducted with annealing at...

Authors: Masuo Hagiwara, A. Araoka, Satoshi Emura

Abstract: The effect of the lamellar morphology on the high cycle fatigue (HCF) and low cycle fatigue (LCF) behavior of the Ti-22Al-27Nb alloy was...

Authors: Hak Cheol Lee, Jin Won Choi, Jin Keun Oh, Nack J. Kim

Abstract: Effects of microstructural and environmental factors on fatigue crack propagation behavior of welded regions of cast Ti-6Al-4V alloy were...

Authors: Zhi Shou Zhu, Chun Xiao Cao, Ming Gao Yan

Abstract: Low cyclic behavior of a new type near-α titanium alloy containing rare earth Nd (Ti60) with and without dwell time introduced at maximum...

Authors: H.M. Lu, Qing Jiang

Abstract: Through considering the packing density and the lattice contraction, volume changes of elements with different structures DV on melting are...

Authors: Heng Zhi Fu, Lin Liu

Abstract: Most of materials have long been considered to be mechanical and/or physical anisotropy. Permitting materials to grow along specific...


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