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Authors: Lichun Chen, Bijendra Jha

Abstract: Fe-21Cr-6Al-0.03(Ce+La) alloy has been made by an innovative method of roll bonding and diffusion alloying for catalytic converter metal...

Authors: Lin Liu, Jun Zhang, Taiwen Hang, Heng Zhi Fu

Abstract: The interface morphologies single crystal superalloys CMSX-2 has been studied over a range of cooling rate with large variations in...

Authors: Qing Li, Cheng Bo Xiao, Jin Xia Song, Ding Gang Wang, Ya Fang Han

Abstract: A conventional cast nickel-base superalloy with the chemical composition of Ni-16W-2Mo-1.5Cr-6Al wt % has been recently developed as...

Authors: D.Y. Yang, Tao Jin, Na Ru Zhao, Zhi Wang, Xiao Feng Sun, Heng Rong Guan, Zhuang Qi Hu

Abstract: The precipitation behavior during ageing treatment of a single crystal nickel-base superalloy was investigated by SEM and TEM. The results...

Authors: Fang Bian, Guoyue Su, Fan Ya Kong, Ke Yang

Abstract: The deformation behavior of Inconel718 at room temperature was studied by tensile tests. Three kinds of specimens were tested, including...

Authors: Jin Jiang Yu, Xiao Feng Sun, Tao Jin, Heng Rong Guan, Zhuang Qi Hu

Abstract: Stress rupture and tensile properties of a single crystal superalloy DD32 are investigated comparing with the alloy SRR99. It is shown that...

Authors: Z.G. Zhang, Yan Niu

Abstract: The effect of the addition of 5 and 10 at.% Cr on the oxidation of a binary Fe-10 at.% Al alloy (Fe-10Al) was studied in 1 atm O2 at 1000°C....

Authors: Hai Bo Yang, Wei Li, Ai Dang Shan, Jian Sheng Wu

Abstract: The intermetallics of (Mo1-xNbx) Si2 consisted of C11b phase and C40 phase when x is equal to 0.05, 0.10 and 0.15, and consisted of only C40...

Authors: Taisuke Hayashi, Kazuhiro Ito, Misako Takamoto, Katsushi Tanaka

Abstract: Single crystals of (Mo0.8Nb0.2)5Si3, (Mo0.85W0.15)5Si3 and Mo5Si3 were grown and their thermal expansion along the a- and c-axes and single...

Authors: Chen Huang, Yoko Yamabe-Mitarai, Shizuo Nakazawa, Hiroshi Harada

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