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Authors: Yoko Yamabe-Mitarai, Tomohiro Maruko, Tomoaki Miyazawa, Tosiyuki Morino

Abstract: Solid solution hardening effects of Ir was investigated to develop high temperature materials at 2223 K. Pt, Rh, Hf, and Zr were chosen as...

Authors: Sang Ll Lee, Jin Kyung Lee, Byeong Hyeon Min, Yun Seok Shin, Dong Su Bae, Jun Young Park, Gen Sasaki

Abstract: This study dealt with both the strengthening of matrix and the suppression of interfacial reaction for the development of high toughness...

Authors: Ivi Smid, Gaurav Aggarwal

Abstract: Niobium and niobium-based alloys are used in a variety of high temperature applications ranging from light bulbs to rocket engines. Niobium...

Authors: E. Sarath K. Menon, Madan G. Mendiratta

Abstract: Niobium-Silicon alloys offer potential as a new generation of refractory material system that could meet the high-temperature capability...

Authors: Rabindra Mahapatra, A.W. Davis

Abstract: In this paper we report the oxidation behavior of Rh-xTi (x = 15 & 20 atomic percent) alloys isothermally exposed in air between 1000 and...

Authors: Jian Sun, Xue Song Sun, Feng Sun, Bin Jiang, David John Smith

Abstract: The bonding character of Laves phases TiCr2 and TiCo2 has been investigated by electron energy loss spectroscopy and ab-initio calculations....

Authors: Fang Zhang, Lan Ting Zhang, Jin Xing Yu, Jian Sheng Wu

Abstract: In this paper, single crystals, around 8mm in diameter, of MoSi2 and NbSi2 have been grown by optical heating floating zone method. X-ray...

Authors: Wei Li, Hai Bo Yang, Ai Dang Shan, Lan Ting Zhang, Jian Sheng Wu

Abstract: NbSi2 is an attractive material for high temperature applications due to its high melting point, low density and good oxidation resistance....

Authors: Shi Yu Qu, Ya Fang Han, Liguo Song

Abstract: The microstructures, mechanical properties and oxidation resistance of the refractory Nb-silicide-based composites have been investigated by...

Authors: Yong Ping Wang, Shu Suo Li, Chun Gen Zhou, Shi Yu Qu, Liguo Song, Ya Fang Han

Abstract: Oxidation protective silicide coatings for the new Nbss/Nb5Si3 in-situ composites were prepared by molten salt method at 900°C. The...


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