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Authors: Tian Shu Liu, Xiang Bao Chen, Bao Yan Zhang

Abstract: The cure kinetics of middle temperature curing 3234 epoxy resin was investigated under both isothermal and dynamic curing conditions by...

Authors: Chen Guang Huang, Si Ying Chen, Zhu Ping Duan

Abstract: In this paper, the dynamic behaviors of several kinds of high strength fibers, including Kevlar, UHMPE, glass fibers, carbon fibers etc.,...

Authors: Mei Hong Liu, Zhen Hua Li, Zhou Rong, Xinqi Yu, Ren Liang Cai, Sujiang Xie

Abstract: In order to get rid of health hazard of asbestos fiber, a new kind of non-asbestos fiber reinforce composite by beater-addition process,...

Authors: Xiang Yu Zhong, Xin Ding, Jian Wen Bao, Ye Li, Xiang Bao Chen

Abstract: Being subjected to the bending load, the structure of plate often has the high demand of bending rigidity. Fiber reinforced composites are...

Authors: Jiang Zhu, Valery Khabashesku, M. Ashraf Imam, Roger Crane, Karen Lozano, Enrique V. Barrera

Abstract: Carbon nanotube is seen to be an excellent reinforcement candidate to produce multifunctional composites with improved mechanical, thermal...

Authors: Cheol Woong Kim, Jeong Soon Lee, Tae Gun Um, Dong Joon Oh, Il Song

Abstract: It had been impossible to inspect the Eddy Current (EC) since the Fiber Reinforced Composite Materials (FRCM) had the low electric...

Authors: Chaofeng Lü, Ying Gao, W.Q. Chen

Abstract: This paper intends to present two-dimensional elasticity solutions for static problem of thick laminated composite beams using a hybrid...

Authors: Yi He Zhang, Robert Kwok Yiu Li, Shao Yun Fu, Juntao Wu, Yuan Qing Li, Zhi Min Dang, Shi Yong Yang
Authors: Pieter Samyn, Patrick de Baets

Abstract: Although tribological tests on polymers are traditionally performed on small-scale pin-on-disc or bloc-on-ring configurations, present...

Authors: Jan Quintelier, Patrick de Baets, Joris Degrieck, Alessandro Ledda, W. Philips, Hugo Sol, Danny Van Hemelrijck

Abstract: The Laboratory Soete developed a new test setup, based on the well-known pin-on-disc test rig. Instead of the standard composite specimen...


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