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Authors: Jan Ji Sha, J.S. Park, Tatsuya Hinoki, Akira Kohyama, J. Yu

Abstract: Three kinds of atmospheres (air, highly-pure Ar and ultra highly-pure Ar gas) with different oxygen partial pressures were applied to...

Authors: Chien Cheng Liu, Jow Lay Huang

Abstract: Conductive TiN/Si3N4 ceramic composites were processed by electrical discharge machining (EDM) and their microstructure and conductivity...

Authors: Y. Zhang, Fei Gao, Weilin Jiang, D.E. McCready, William J. Weber

Abstract: Single crystal 4H-SiC was irradiated with 2 MeV Au ions at 165 K. Ion-induced defect configurations and damage accumulation were studied by...

Authors: William J. Weber, Fei Gao, Ram Devanathan, Weilin Jiang, Y. Zhang

Abstract: Atomic-level simulations are used to determine defect production, cascade-overlap effects, and defect migration energies in SiC. Energetic...

Authors: Tsuyoshi Sasaki, Yoshio Ukyo, Kotaro Kuroda, Shigeo Arai, Hiroyasu Saka

Abstract: The crystal structures of reduced-reoxidized ceria-zirconia solid solutions, Ce2Zr2O7+x, with an ordered arrangement of Ce and Zr ions were...

Authors: Ivi Smid

Abstract: In a global effort, the key players have combined their R&D forces to work jointly on the next generation thermonuclear fusion device. The...

Authors: Jochen Linke, A. Kapoustina, D. Pitzer, M. Rödig, Lorenz Singheiser

Abstract: To evaluate the performance of plasma facing materials (PFM) and components for future thermonuclear fusion devices under the expected...

Authors: H. Li, Jin Gang Li, Jin Long Chen

Abstract: The behavior of thick SiC gradient coatings on different graphites under high power electron beam irradiation, pulsed high energy laser...

Authors: Chang Chun Ge, Zhang Jian Zhou

Abstract: Tungsten has the highest sputtering threshold of all possible candidates and the highest melting point in metal. It will be the first...

Authors: Hans Maier

Abstract: In the development of nuclear fusion into a future peaceful energy source, the scheme of magnetically confined fusion plasmas has...


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