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Authors: Dae Whan Kim, Chang Hee Han, Woo Seog Ryu

Abstract: Fatigue tests of type 316 and 316LN stainless steel were conducted at RT and 600ı, 0.8~1.5% strain range for low cycle fatigue (LCF),...

Authors: Woo Gon Kim, Hyun Hie Kim, Kee Bong Yoon, Woo Seog Ryu

Abstract: This paper is to evaluate the creep crack growth rate (CCGR) of the type 316SS series: 316SS, 316FR and 316LN, and to apply a creep...

Authors: V. Voyevodin, V. Bryk, O. Borodin, I.M. Neklyudov, N. Akasaka, S. Onose

Abstract: Results of analysis of swelling behaviour of alloying austenitic steels are described from the point of view of the cooperative interaction...

Authors: Qiu Xu, Toshimasa Yoshiie, Takuya Nagasaka, Takeo Muroga

Abstract: To investigate the effect of impurites, such as O, N and C, on migration behavior of vacancies in several types of V-4Cr-4Ti vanadium alloy...

Authors: Zhenyu Yao, Akihiro Suzuki, Takuya Nagasaka, Takeo Muroga

Abstract: A V-4Cr-4Ti alloy and pure V were oxidized in flowing argon for 0.5-8h and subsequently annealed in vacuum for 16h at 973K. The oxygen of...

Authors: Takeo Muroga, Takuya Nagasaka, A. Nishimura, J.M. Chen

Abstract: Potential enhancement of mechanical properties of V-4Cr-4Ti by controlling precipitates of interstitial impurities (C, O and N) was...

Authors: Hisao Kinoshita, Benfu Hu, H. Takahashi

Abstract: The effects of helium and aging treatment on radiation damage behavior in low activation Fe-Cr-Mn ( W, V) alloy were investigated by...

Authors: C.H. Zhang, Yue Sheng Wang, K.Q. Chen, Ji Guo Sun, J.M. Quan, Chang Qi Chen

Abstract: Low-activation Fe-Cr-Mn alloy and 316L stainless steel were irradiated with 92 MeV Ar ions at about 500°C, to fluences of 0.8~1.7×1021 ions...

Authors: Benfu Hu, Hisao Kinoshita, Tamaki Shibayama, H. Takahashi

Abstract: The effect of helium on irradiation damage behavior in Fe-Cr-Mn(W,V) steel was investigated by electron/helium ion dual-beam irradiation....

Authors: S. Yamashita, T. Yoshitake, N. Akasaka, S. Ukai, S. Ohnuki

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