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Authors: Da Wen, Ze Yu Zhang, Yi Long, Rong Chang Ye, Zhuhong Liu, Guang Heng Wu

Abstract: Giant magnetocaloric effect based on first order phase transformation has been investigated extensively recently. A considerable magnetic...

Authors: Oh Yeoul Kwon, Jong Chul Kim, Young Dong Kwon, Dae Jin Yang, Se Hoon Lee, Zin Hyoung Lee

Abstract: In this paper, composites with Tb:Dy ratio of 0.30:0.70 and 0.33:0.67 were fabricated by polymer infiltration method. Both maximum d33 and...

Authors: Bo Wen Wang, L. Weng, S.Y. Li, S.Z. Zhou, I. Gyuro

Abstract: The magnetostriction and dynamic characteristics of Tb0.27Dy0.73Fe2 polycrystals with <110> axial alignment were investigated by standard...

Authors: Jia Xiang Shang, Fu He Wang, Xiao Fang Bi, Hui Bin Xu

Abstract: In this work series of models were constructed in order to investigate the relationship between atomic and electronic structure and TMR...

Authors: Guotai Tan, X. Zhang, Zhao Hui Chen

Abstract: The magnetotransport behaviors of electron-doped colossal magnetoresistance (CMR) manganites La0.9Te0.1MnO3 have been investigated in...

Authors: Heng Lai, Zhi Gao Huang, Rongquan Gai, Shui Yuan Chen, You Wei Du

Abstract: The thin polycrystalline Co films with different annealed time were prepared by magnetron sputtering method. XRD and hysteresis loops of...

Authors: Song Ling Huang, Dun Hui Wang, Zhi Da Han, S.K. Ren, Zheng Hua Su, You Wei Du

Abstract: A series of Gd1-xCrx (x=0.01,0.03,0.05 and 0.07) alloys have been prepared by arc melting. After introducing a small quantity of Cr into Gd,...

Authors: Shuchun Hu, Zuo Wan Zhou

Abstract: As FeOx particles were prepared by oxidation-reduction reaction, the surfactant of polyethylene glycol (ab. PEG) was used to cover the FeOx...

Authors: Rui Feng Yang, Yu Zhen Lv, Yahui Zhang, Chen Min Liu, Lin Guo

Abstract: Fe3O4 nanoparticles were simply prepared by a wet chemical solution method. In this method, poly (N-vinyl-2-pyrrolidone) (PVP) was used as...

Authors: Ben Xu, Youguo Li, Yong Feng Gong

Abstract: The precipitation of copper in the non-oriental electrical steel was studied in this article. These precipitation particles, which...


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