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Authors: Xiaojun Yu, Ji Fan Hu, Dongling Wang, Hong Wei Qin, Bo Li

Abstract: In this work the giant magnetoimpedance effect has been found in Fe89B4Hf7 nanocrystalline ribbons. There is an optimal annealing...

Authors: Q.Z. Xue, X. Zhang

Abstract: Using pulsed laser deposition we prepared Fex-C1-x films on Si (100) substrates. We show that the lightly Fe-doped amorphous carbon films on...

Authors: Bai Yang, Xiao Fang Bi, Fan Yang, Sheng Kai Gong, Hui Bin Xu

Abstract: NiFe(2nm)/Cu(tCu)/Co(1.5nm) sandwiches were deposited on Ta buffer layer by magnetron sputtering method. Small angle X-ray diffraction...

Authors: Yonghua Leng, Yaohua Zhang, Xu Bo Song, Xing Guo Li, Lefu Zhang

Abstract: Fe61Co39 nanoparticles were prepared by hydrogen plasma metal reaction. The as-synthesized nanoparticles were characterized by x-ray...

Authors: Ji Fan Hu, Hong Wei Qin, Minhua Jiang, Bo Li, Dongliang Zhao, Xiaojun Yu, Dongling Wang, Xin Lin Wang

Abstract: FeCuNbSiB and FeZrBCu nanocrystalline ribbons can be obtained directly through the melt- spinning technique without additional annealing...

Authors: Zhi-gang Sun, Masaki Mizuguchi, Hiroyuki Akinaga

Abstract: Magnetoresistive switch effect (MRS effect) devices containing two gold (Au) electrodes with a gap less than 2 µm were successfully...

Authors: J. Feng, Q.B. Bo, P. Che, J.P. Wang, M.F. Lu, J.F. Liu, Xue Qiang Cao, Jian Meng

Abstract: The layered manganese oxides LaSr2Mn2-xTxO7 (T=Fe, Cr and Ni) has been prepared. The effect of substitution of transition metal ions for Mn...

Authors: Eun Sun Noh, Hyuck Mo Lee

Abstract: Exchange-bias (Hex) of NiFe/NiO bilayers grown epitaxially on MgO(100) and MgO(111) have been measured in order to understand exchange...

Authors: W.R. Zhao, Jian Liang Li, Yan Qi, Xin Lin Wang

Abstract: The characteristics of microstructures, martensitic transition, and magnetic field- induced strains of melt-spun ribbons are reviewed. The...

Authors: Jiangang Mu, Dongliang Zhao

Abstract: In this paper the perfect Ni2MnGa cluster model is studied by use of the first principles discrete variational method (DVM), which is based...


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