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Authors: T. Takeno, Toshiyuki Takagi, Aleksandra A. Bozhko, M. Shupegin, T. Sato

Abstract: The conductivity of metal-carbon-silicon nanocomposite films considered as potential candidates for the application as wide-range...

Authors: Kenji Wakashima, T. Nishida, Tomonari Inamura, Hideki Hosoda

Abstract: A new route to designing smart active composites, which deals with fiber-reinforced in-plane anisotropic piezoelectric lamina and...

Authors: Hui Bin Xu, Tian Li Zhang, Cheng Bao Jiang, Hu Zhang

Abstract: TbDyFe is a rare earth-iron magnetostrictive alloy with “giant” magnetostrain, good magnetomechanical coupling factor and fast response....

Authors: Yong Chen, Viresh K. Wickramasinghe, David G. Zimcik

Abstract: This paper demonstrates the ability of the Smart Spring to suppress helicopter blade vibration through numerical simulation and...

Authors: Shijie Zheng, Hong Tao Wang, Lifeng Liu

Abstract: In this paper, a new method of combining computational mechanics and neural networks for prediction of composite beam delamination is...

Authors: Zhao Qing Song, Jian Qin Mao, Chao Li, Hui Bin Xu, Cheng Bao Jiang

Abstract: A heuristic iterative learning control (ILC) design scheme is presented and is applied to the controller design of the active vibration...

Authors: Fan Li, Jian Qin Mao, Hai Shan Ding, Wen Bo Zhang, Hui Bin Xu, Cheng Bao Jiang

Abstract: In this paper, a new method which combines the least square method with Tree-Structured fuzzy inference system is presented to approximate...

Authors: Jian Qin Mao, Chao Li, Hui Bin Xu, Cheng Bao Jiang, Lin Li

Abstract: A six degree-of-freedom (DOF) Stewart platform is constructed, which consists of six TbDyFe alloy magnetostrictive actuators, and applied to...

Authors: Lin Li, Yuanyuan Zhang

Abstract: One of the characteristics not to be ignored of the magnetostrictive material used in active vibration control is its hysteresis. In this...


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