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Authors: Ming Yue, Meng Tian, Wei Qiang Liu, Jiu Xing Zhang
Abstract:The Nd2Fe14B/α-Fe bulk exchange-spring magnets have been prepared by spark plasma sintering melt spun Nd9.8Dy0. 4Fe78.4Co5.6B5.8 flakes under...
Authors: Jiansen Ni, Zhen Wang, Hui Xu, Yi Seng Wu, Bangxin Zhou, Xueling Hou, Ying Li
Abstract:Two-phase nanocrystalline ribbons were prepared by melt-spun and subsequent heat treatment. Excellent magnetic properties of the bonded...
Authors: Bing Lin Guo, Bo Li, Dongling Wang, Xiaojun Yu, Ji Fan Hu
Abstract:In this paper, flakes of NdFeB cast alloys were prepared by using the strip casting technique. Microstructure and composition of phases in...
Authors: L.M. Liu, Wei Chen, M.G. Zhu, L.Y. Nie, Ai Jun Li, J.J. Hu
Abstract:Using the part exchange-coupling model, the exchange-coupling interaction between magnetically soft and hard grains in Nd2Fe14B/α-Fe...
Authors: Guo Zhi Xie, Zhi Wang, Yu Ping Wu, Ping Hua Lin, You Wei Du
Abstract:The addition of manganese into Nd9Fe85-xMnxB6(X=0,0.5,1) was found to enhance the magnetic properties of a -Fe/Nd2Fe14B magnets. After...
Authors: Bo Li, Dongling Wang, Bing Lin Guo, Xiaojun Yu, Hong Wei Qin, Ji Fan Hu
Abstract:In the present work, we investigated the hard magnetic properties of Nd-Fe-B magnets prepared by the decrepitation technique. The...
Authors: Haisheng Zhong, Qiang Li, Zhifeng Zhong, Ming Cheng
Abstract:Ni-Zn ferrite ceramics were prepared from the blend of nano-sized powders and ultra-fine particles at the relative low sintering temperature...
Authors: Hidefumi Asano, Norihito Koduka, Mikito Sugiyama, Masaaki Matsui
Abstract:Ferromagnetic oxides with ordered double-perovskites Sr2FeMoO6 and Sr2CrReO6 are known to be in a half-metallic ground state with high Curie...
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