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Authors: Teruyasu Mizoguchi, Masaki Sakurai, Atsutomo Nakamura, Takeo Sasaki, Yukio Sato, Katsuyuki Matsunaga, Takahisa Yamamoto, Yuichi Ikuhara

Abstract: Near-edge structure of X-ray absorption spectrum (NEXAFS) of various Ti-oxides were investigated by combined with first principles...

Authors: Yu Fang Lin, Dongliang Zhao, Xin Lin Wang

Abstract: Employing the first principles discrete variational method(DVM), we investigated the electronic structure of LaNi5 hydrogen storage alloys...

Authors: Ying Chen, Shuichi Iwata, Tetsuo Mohri

Abstract: Theoretical investigation of the phase equilibira of three kinds of Fe-based alloys, Fe-Ni, Fe-Pd and Fe-Pt systems is attempted by...

Authors: Ying Jun Gao, Yongjian Han

Abstract: The valence electron structure of GP Zone in Al-Zn alloy was calculated according to the Empirical Electron Theory(EET). The result of...

Authors: Qing Yan Xu, Bai Cheng Liu, Zuo Jian Liang

Abstract: Dendritic is the most observed microstructure in metallic materials. Traditional Cellular Automaton model can only predict the grain...

Authors: X. Yao, H. Wang, B. He, X. Zhou

Abstract: A Cellular-Automaton Finite-Volume-Method (CAFVM) algorithm has been developed, coupling with macroscopic model for heat transfer...

Authors: Qing Chen, Anders Engström, Lars Höglund, Henrik Strandlund, Bo Sundman

Abstract: Thermodynamic and kinetic data are generally essential for quantitative modeling of materials processing, structure, and property....

Authors: Andrew Godfrey, Yong Bin Zhang, F. Lin, Mark A. Miodownik, Qing Liu

Abstract: A Monte Carlo Potts model has been used to investigate cube-texture strengthening during grain growth in rolled high-purity Ni-tapes. The...

Authors: Leng Chen, Wei Min Mao

Abstract: A new approach to simulating the orientation distribution function (ODF) using one diffraction frame collected by X-ray two-dimensional...

Authors: Sang Ho Uhm, Joo Noh Moon, Chang Hee Lee, Ji Hyun Yoon, Bong Sang Lee

Abstract: As a part of a study on modeling the microstructural evolution during the welding process, a prediction model of TTT diagram for bainite...


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