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Authors: Zhi Gao Huang, Qian Feng, Yong Shen Li, Feng Ming Zhang, You Wei Du

Abstract: In this paper, the spin configuration and the configurational anisotropy of the clusters were studied by Monte Carlo simulations. An easy...

Authors: Qian Feng, Qing Ying Ye, Zhen Zhen Wen, Li Qin Jiang, Zhi Gao Huang, Feng Ming Zhang, You Wei Du

Abstract: A ferromagnetic monolayer with competing long-range dipolar interaction, short-range interaction and magnetic uniaxial anisotropy is studied...

Authors: Seok Jae Lee, Young Kook Lee

Abstract: There are many empirical equations for predicting martensite start temperature (Ms) and the kinetics models of martensitic transformation of...

Authors: Xiangge Qin, Guo Quan Liu

Abstract: Potts model was often used to simulate grain growth without necessary evaluation of the effect of lattice scale and simulation temperature....

Authors: A.M. Xiong, Wei Chao Huang, S.H. Chen, Miao Quan Li

Abstract: Isothermal compression tests were conducted at Thermecmaster-Z simulator, and grain size of the prior a phase was measured at a Leica...

Authors: Jin You Kim, Dong Hee Yeon, Pil Ryung Cha, Jong Kyu Yoon

Abstract: A phase field model for step dynamics on vicinal surface is presented. Using this model, time dependent, collective motions of steps were...

Authors: G.Q. Wu, Z. Huang, Han Yun Li

Abstract: By using the real information of the intended bonding surface and considering the effect of the diffusion distance in a definite time, a new...

Authors: Yan Lin Xu, Jun Ni, Shuichi Iwata

Abstract: We have investigated the ground states of the fcc alloy films in the (001) direction using the Monte-Carlo simulation. The surface field is...

Authors: Won Tae Kim, Seong Gyoon Kim

Abstract: A phase field model for alloy solidification was developed to suppress the anomalous interface effects such as enhanced surface diffusion,...

Authors: Zhan Ling Zhang, Liu Shuan Yang, Feng Ni

Abstract: ZA27 alloy solidifies in the way of paste-solidification, and results in gravity segregation. The two-phase flow model was developed on the...


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