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Authors: Jian Wei Yang, Yan Ping Du, Binyu Sun

Abstract: A 3-D coupled numerical model for flowing distribution and temperature distribution in twins strip roll-casting process is developed, and...

Authors: San Bing Ren, Jun Fei Fan, Zong Ze Huang, Yi Sheng Chen, You Duo He

Abstract: In the present paper, applied the experiential correlation, the gas holdup and distribution of two phase zone which formed by argon blown...

Authors: Jun Fei Fan, Ya Xian Chen, San Bing Ren, Zong Ze Huang, Miao-yong Zhu

Abstract: The distribution of velocity field in single outlet tundish has been simulated through numerical solution of turbulent Navier-Stokes...

Authors: Yong Sin Lee

Abstract: An Eulerian finite element analysis for the steady state rolling process is addressed. This analysis combines the crystal plasticity theory...

Authors: S.H. Joo, H.J. Chang, Woong Ho Bang, Heung Nam Han, Kyu Hwan Oh

Abstract: A computational model for roll pressing of powder was developed based on an elastoplastic finite element method, and was applied to predict...

Authors: H.J. Chang, Heung Nam Han, M.W. Moon, Kwang Hee Lee, Kyu Hwan Oh

Abstract: An analysis for non steady state heat transfer of a hot pressing roller was suggested in 1-dimensional model. The surface temperature on hot...

Authors: Moo Young Huh, Hyoung Jin Choi, J.H. Ok, Beong Bok Hwang, Bok Choon Kang

Abstract: The dissimilar channel angular pressing (DCAP) process by rolling was numerically modeled and analyzed by the rigid-plastic two-dimensional...

Authors: Seo Gou Choi, Duk Jae Yoon, Geun An Lee, Hee Woong Lee, Kyoung Hoan Na

Abstract: In general micro alloy steel have the higher strength relative to conventional steels, which limits the utilization of conventional plastic...

Authors: S.H. Jo, Sun Keun Hwang, Hyoung Jin Choi, Beong Bok Hwang, B.D. Ko

Abstract: This paper presents the plastic deformation behavior of bimetal composite rods during the axisymmetric and steady-state extrusion process...

Authors: H.S. Koo, B.D. Ko, D.H. Jang, Jung Min Seo, Beong Bok Hwang

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