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Authors: Yuan Song Zeng

Abstract: In this paper, the internal rolling process is presented to connect the titanium tubes to the tube fitting with the mechanical method. The...

Authors: Shi Fang Xiao, Yu Hu Wang

Abstract: The uniaxial compressive mechanical properties of nanocrystalline Fe are simulated with a molecular dynamics technique and the analytical...

Authors: Y.S. Choi, T.A. Parthasarathy, D.M. Dimiduk, M.D. Uchic

Abstract: The [001] tensile and compressive flow behavior of a single crystal superalloy CMSX-4 was simulated using a “unit-cell” mesh to represent...

Authors: M. Zhang, W.L. Zhang, M.Y. Gu

Abstract: To improve the transverse properties of fiber-reinforced metal matrix composites, a three-phase material model was proposed. In the model...

Authors: Qi Jin Huang, Guo Quan Liu, Yong Li, Jin Ji Gao, Zheng Qiu Gu, Yu Zhen Ma, Hai Bin Xue

Abstract: Nucleus prosthesis replacement is considered as an ideal solution to low back pain. The purpose of this paper is to predict the suitable...

Authors: B.J. Kim, S.M. Son, K.S. Park, Young Hoon Moon

Abstract: Modern automobiles are built with a steadily increasing variety of materials and semifinished products. The traditional composition of...

Authors: Yue Jiang, Zhong Da Yin, Peng Chao Kang, Yong Liu
Authors: Jian Qin Mao, Hai Shan Ding, Hui Bin Xu, Cheng Bao Jiang, Hu Zhang

Abstract: A mechanical properties prediction model for cobalt-free maraging steel was built upon the experimental data by fuzzy identification method....

Authors: Yang Shao, X. Zhang, Fu Ling Tang

Abstract: We successfully developed the potential parameters for simulation of MgB2. With these potential parameters, we calculate the lattice...

Authors: Y.K. Lee, Young Pyo Kim, M.W. Moon, Woong Ho Bang, Kyu Hwan Oh, Woo Sik Kim

Abstract: The failure assessment for the defects in multiple corroded region has been considered with the real-size pipeline burst tests and the...


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