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Authors: Sang Hwan Lee, Kyung Sub Lee, Kyung Jong Lee

Abstract: The dilute solution model is quite widely used because the chemical potential is more easily defined than that in the sub-lattice model. In...

Authors: He Jun Li, Juan Hua Su, Qi Ming Dong, Ping Liu, Feng Zhang Ren

Abstract: The aging process of lead frame Cu-Cr-Sn-Zn alloy has only been studied empirically by trial-and-error method so far. This paper builds up...

Authors: F. Alhama, Diego Alcaraz, S. Gómez-Lopera

Abstract: A simple model based on the network simulation method is proposed to estimate numerically the thermal conductivity of particulate...

Authors: Pinfang Shi, Anders Engström, Lars Höglund, Bo Sundman, John Ågren
Authors: T. He, W. Sun, Z. Zhang

Abstract: Dissociated domain boundaries (DBs) attached to meta-dislocations have been found in a structurally complicated alloy phase (SCAP) of...

Authors: Wei Sun, Ze Zhang, Kenji Hirage

Abstract: The structural features of nano-sized atom clusters and their long-rang arrangement in the Al-Ni-Ru decagonal quasicrystal with 1.6 nm...

Authors: Yong Wang Kang, Chun Gen Zhou, Sheng Kai Gong, Hui Bin Xu

Abstract: Al-Cu-Fe-Cr quasicrystalline coating was deposited on a substrate of stainless steel by low-pressure plasma spraying (LPPS) method. The...

Authors: Eric Fleury, H.J. Chang, D.H. Kim, Do Hyang Kim, Won Tae Kim

Abstract: The microstructure of the Al-Mn(-Cu)-Be-Si alloys analyzed by X-ray diffraction and TEM consisted of icosahedral (i) quasicrystal particles...

Authors: Xi Ying Ma

Abstract: The Schottky barrier height (SBH) of IrSi nanometer thin films prepared by pulsed laser deposition at room temperature and annealed at 600...

Authors: Hong-Lei Ma, Cheng Shan Xue, Ying Ge Yang, Hui Zhao Zhang, Jin Ma, Jian Qiang Liu, Hongdi Xiao, Fu Jian Zong

Abstract: One-dimensional GaN nanostructure films were successfully synthesized by the recently developed sputtering post-nitridation technique. The...


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