Magnesium - Science, Technology and Applications

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Authors: Wei Neng Tang, Rong Shi Chen, En Hou Han

Abstract: The variation of the flow stress and the microstructural evolution during hot deformation at different test temperatures and strain-rates...

Authors: Rong Shi Chen, Jean Jacques Blandin, Michel Suéry, En Hou Han

Abstract: Mechanical properties and microstructure of extruded AZ91(-Ca) alloys have been studied in this paper. The results showed that Ca has no...

Authors: Hai Feng Liu, Guodong Tong, Jun Hou

Abstract: A series of high temperature creep resistant magnesium alloys for die casting based on AZ91 were successfully developed by the addition of...

Authors: Hai Ping Cao

Abstract: Some commercial Mg components have been die cast at various casting conditions. The influence of process parameter settings on the...

Authors: Tadayoshi Tsukeda, Ken Saito, Mayumi Suzuki, Junichi Koike, Kouichi Maruyama

Abstract: We compared the newly developed heat resistant magnesium alloy with conventional ones by Thixomolding® and aluminum alloy by die casting....

Authors: Hong Liang Zhao, Shao Kang Guan, Chun Xiang Zhang, Fei Yan Zheng, Li Guo Wang, Qing Kui Li

Abstract: Better properties of magnesium make it a natural choice for use as an anode material in rechargeable batteries. However, the magnesium alloy...

Authors: Chun Mei Yang, Ding Fei Zhang, Pei Dao Ding, Jian Peng, Xu Hong Chen

Abstract: In this paper, the influence of the cooling rate on the solidified structure of ZK60 Mg alloy has been studied by means of Gleeble-1500D...

Authors: L. Lu, Arne K. Dahle, John A. Taylor, David H. StJohn

Abstract: The fundamentals of grain refinement are reviewed with particular focus on magnesium alloys. This is followed by considerations of the...

Authors: Qi Chi Le, J. Cui, Kenong Xia

Abstract: Several Mg alloys were processed to achieve the thixotropic microstructure of non-dendritic, globular primary grains for semisolid forming...

Authors: Xing Gang Li, Shui Sheng Xie, Yun Xi Jiang, Lei Li

Abstract: Magnesium alloys are becoming more and more attractive because of their low density, high specific stiffness and strength, good heat...


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