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Authors: A.A. Fernandes, E.U.C. Frajndlich, Humberto Gracher Riella
Abstract:The high pure synthetic zeolite have a large application in industry and agriculture, being nowadays in majority imported in Brazil. The...
Authors: Paulo César de Almeida Maia, Aline Dias Pinheiro, J. Alexandre
Authors: Marilda M.G. Ramos Vianna, Francisco Rolando Valenzuela-Díaz, Valquiria F.J. Kozievitch, Jo Dweck, Pedro M. Büchler
Abstract:Benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and the xylenes (BTEX) are the major water-soluble constituents of gasoline that may contaminate soils and...
Authors: Carolina A. Pinto, John J. Sansalone, Jo Dweck, Frank K. Cartledge, Francisco Rolando Valenzuela-Díaz, Pedro M. Büchler
Abstract:Disposal or reuse of hazardous waste is a major consideration in chemical manufacturing and processing. Waste residuals from the tannery...
Authors: G.J. Pereira, Douglas Gouvêa, S.M. Hiraoka
Abstract:Zinc oxide is widely used in semiconductors fabrication, pigments and mainly in varistors. The electrical properties of ZnO based varistors...
Authors: Marilda M.G. Ramos Vianna, Kleberson R.O. Pereira, Pedro M. Büchler, Francisco Rolando Valenzuela-Díaz
Authors: R.A. Vieira, Maria do Carmo de Andrade Nono
Abstract:TiN thin film has been produced on the surface of AISI D6 tool steel by using a titanium interlayer. In this work, the morphology, the...
Authors: M.A. Ribeiro, Ana Cristina Figueiredo de Melo Costa, Hélio Lucena Lira, J.B.L. de Oliveira, Ruth Herta Goldsmith Aliaga Kiminami, Lucianna Gama
Abstract:Conventional methods to obtain ceramic powders are inadequate for many technological applications because these powders react but slightly to...
Authors: Carlos Maurício Fontes Vieira, Sérgio Neves Monteiro
Abstract:This work had as its objective the characterization of a granite powder waste from sawing operations with a view to its incorporation in red...
Authors: Shirley Cosin, Carolina A. Pinto, P. Souza Santos, Francisco Rolando Valenzuela-Díaz
Abstract:Carbon/mineral complexes are materials with surfaces covered partially or totally by carbon materials contains. They have high industrial...
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