Advanced Materials Forum III

Volumes 514-516

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Rui F. Martins, Carlos M. Branco, António M. Gonçalves-Coelho, Edgar C. Gomes

Abstract: Several high temperature fatigue and possibly creep-fatigue cracks have nucleated and propagated through the 3.7 mm wall thickness of a gas...

Authors: José Maria Gómez de Salazar, Maria Isabel Barrena, N. Merino, Laura Matesanz

Abstract: The present work shows the microstructural and mechanical results obtained in joints WC-Co / steel 90MnCrV8 (high strength steel). The...

Authors: Susana M.H. Olhero, José Maria F. Ferreira

Abstract: In this work, two different consolidation techniques were used to obtain AlN samples: slip casting and dry pressing of granules obtained...

Authors: Amândio Teixeira-Pinto, Eduardo Vieira

Abstract: Aluminosilicates represent the major group of solid inorganic matter of the terrestrial crust. In specific conditions of temperature and...

Authors: Margarita del Arco, Daniel Carriazo, Cristina Martín, Amalia M. Pérez Grueso, Vicente Rives

Abstract: PXRD (powder x-ray diffraction), FT-IR (Fourier Transform infrared), N2 adsorption at - 196 °C and TG/DTA (thermogravimetric and...

Authors: A. Patrícia Tavares, Susana M.H. Olhero, José Maria F. Ferreira

Abstract: This work aims at characterising an alumina powder obtained by combustion synthesis, and at evaluating the technical properties of sintered...

Authors: Raul Manuel Esteves Sousa Fangueiro, João Pedro Nunes, João F. Silva, Mário de Araújo, Fernando Novais

Abstract: In the present work, glass fibre polypropylene (GF/PP) woven fabrics were manufactured from cost-effective flexible thermoplastic towpregs...

Authors: Raul Manuel Esteves Sousa Fangueiro, Guilherme Sousa, Filipe Soutinho, Saíd Jalali, Mário de Araújo

Abstract: This paper describes the work that is being done at the University of Minho concerning the development of braided rods for concrete...

Authors: Luís Cadillon Costa, Susana Devesa, François Henry

Abstract: The theoretical treatment of a cavity resonator consists of solving the Maxwell equations in that cavity, respecting the boundary...

Authors: Vera P. Pavlović, Maria V. Nikolić, V. Spasojević, Jovan Blanuša, Ljiljana Živković, B.D. Stojanović, Vladimir B. Pavlović, Momcilo M. Ristić

Abstract: In this paper the influence of tribophysical activation on non-isothermal sintering of barium titanate has been investigated. BaTiO3...


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