Advanced Materials Forum III

Volumes 514-516

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: António Castanhola Batista, Joao P. Nobre, A. Morão Dias

Abstract: A characterisation technique based on the stress determination by X-ray diffraction has been developed. It enables the identification of...

Authors: Pedro M. Amaral, Jorge Cruz Fernandes, Luís Guerra Rosa

Abstract: Petrography and X-ray diffraction techniques are used in this work to determine the mineralogical composition of a granite, a gabbro and a...

Authors: Teresa G. Nunes

Abstract: A number of failures of large concrete structures during construction have been reported in the last decades [1]. The overestimation of...

Authors: Ana J. López, Alberto Ramil, Gines Nicolas, Mari Paz Mateo, Victor Piñon, Armando Yáñez

Abstract: Archaeological ceramics Terra Sigillata manufactured in different production centres have been studied by “laser induced plasma...

Authors: António Santos Silva, M. Paiva, J. Ricardo, Manuela M. Salta, A.M. Monteiro, António Estevao Candeias

Abstract: Roman mortars from the industrial archaeological site of Tróia (Portugal) have been studied by means of chemical, mineralogical and...

Authors: Ana P. Carvalho, M. Fatima Vaz, Maria J. Samora, João Pires

Abstract: Portuguese ceramic tiles of different origins from XVIth century to XXth century were studied. In this work we describe microstructural,...

Authors: José Cosme Cunha Gomes, C.P. Souza, Uilame Umbelino Gomes, Jean R. Gavarri, Jean P. Dallas, C. Leroux

Abstract: Rare earth oxides have been widely investigated in catalysis as structured and electronic promoters to improve the activity and thermal...

Authors: Joanna Ryszkowska

Abstract: This paper presents the application of stereology methods to the description of morphological properties of nanoboehmite and its...

Authors: Jorge M. Branco, Humberto Varum, Paulo Cruz

Abstract: This paper presents the results obtained in a series of tests on Pinus Pinaster Ait. timber specimens, using the prEN408:2000, to estimate...

Authors: Karimbi Koosappa Mahesh, Christian M.L. dos Santos, Francisco Manuel Braz Fernandes

Abstract: In the present study, interrupted mechanical cycles are performed to observe ‘micromemory effect’ for the Ni-rich (Ni51.0at%-Ti) Ni-Ti...


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