Advanced Materials Forum III

Volumes 514-516

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Mathias G. Westphal, António Sergio Pouzada, Gean V. Salmoria, Carlos H. Ahrens

Abstract: Stereolithography is a rapid manufacturing process that builds objects layer-by-layer based on the photo polymerization of a liquid resin....

Authors: Nuno Franco, Eduardo Alves, Nuno P. Barradas

Abstract: The Hotbird is a state of the art X-ray laboratory for advanced materials characterisation, installed at ITN since 1999. Several major...

Authors: M. Helena Braga, Luis Filipe Malheiros, Delfim Soares, Jorge A. Ferreira, F. Castro

Abstract: Bi-Sn-Zn is one of the systems being used as substitute of the traditional lead solders. Therefore a deeper knowledge of its phase diagram...

Authors: Vicente Rives, Jacinta Garcia Talegon

Abstract: Preservation of our Historical Cultural Heritage built in stone requires studies on the material itself, on the environment where the...

Authors: Isabel M. Martins, Claudino Xavier, Maria Helena Mendonça, Manuela Oliveira

Abstract: Previous studies had shown that a promising material could be obtained by mixing aluminium-rich sludge with slate powder (with Al2O3:SiO2...

Authors: Regina C. Santos, António Sousa Correia, Guilherme Andrade

Abstract: Waste porcelain tile polishing sludges result from sediments of the treatment plants of tile manufacturing industrial wastewater. These...

Authors: Ricardo Peixoto Suassuna Dutra, Uilame Umbelino Gomes, Rubens Maribondo Nascimento, Antonio Eduardo Martinelli, Carlos Alberto Paskocimas

Abstract: Sewage sludge consists of a solid mixture of biological and mineral origin. It is the main byproduct of Effluent Treatment Stations. Its...

Authors: Regina da Conceição Corredeira Monteiro, C.S. Mota, M.M.R.A. Lima

Abstract: Fly ash from Tapada do Outeiro, a coal power plant in the north of Portugal, has been processed by a powder technology route in order to...

Authors: Catarina Ribeiro, Lucinda Gonçalves, Francisco Delmas

Abstract: Hydrated alumina Al2O3.3H2O was produced from spent alkaline baths resulting from aluminium transformation industry. Batch and continue...

Authors: Fernando A. Costa Oliveira, Francisco Delmas, Ana Araújo, Jorge Cruz Fernandes, Diamantino Dias

Abstract: Additions of γ-Al2O3 and Al(OH)3 powders produced at INETI from spent baths resulting from the aluminium transformation industry were made...


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