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Authors: Young Hee Cho, Dae Heon Joo, Chul Hyun Kim, Hu Chul Lee
Abstract:The role of alloying elements in the improvement of the high temperature strength of Al-12Si(CuNiMg) cast alloys used for automotive piston...
Authors: Marc de Haas, S.M. van Scherpenzeel, Jeff T.M. de Hosson
Authors: Dimitrios Tsivoulas, Joseph D. Robson
Abstract:Scandium additions are known to offer a number of benefits to aluminium alloy performance. Many of these benefits can be attributed to the...
Authors: A. Raho, Kadi-Hanifi Mouhyddine
Abstract:The influence of the cadmium and the indium on the kinetics of the δ’ metastable phase precipitation has been studied in Al-8.5at.%Li and...
Authors: I.N. Fridlyander, V.V. Antipov, T.P. Fedorenko, E.G. Jakimova
Abstract:Main properties and structure of 2 mm thick sheets and 20×100 mm extruded strips made under industrial conditions from Al-Cu-Mg...
Authors: Alfredo Tolley, Rafael Ferragut, Alberto Somoza
Abstract:A study on the microstructures developed during artificial aging of the 2024 alloy in nondeformed and 8% pre-deformed specimens is...
Authors: Laure Bourgeois, Timothy Wong, X.Y. Xiong, Jian Feng Nie, Barry C. Muddle
Abstract:The interaction between vacancies and Sn and Cu solute atoms in an Al-1.7at.%Cu- 0.01at.%Sn alloy was investigated by exploring the effect...
Authors: Yoshiyuki Himuro, Katsumi Koyama, Yoichiro Bekki
Abstract:In commercial aluminum alloys, Zr is recognized as an important additional element improving their properties such as strength, corrosion...
Authors: Azusa Furihata, Kenji Matsuda, Junya Nakamura, Susumu Ikeno, Yasuhiro Uetani
Abstract:In this work, the age-hardening of Al- 1.0 mass% Mg2Si- 0.4 mass% Mg – 0.5 mass% Ag (ex.Mg-Ag alloy) alloy has been investigated. It showed...
Authors: Junya Nakamura, Kenji Matsuda, Yoshio Nakamura, Tatsuo Sato, Susumu Ikeno
Abstract:The purpose of this study is identity the crystal structure of metastable phase in Ag added Al-Mg-Si alloy by comparing the β’-phases in...
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