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Authors: Alison J. Davenport, Yudie Yuan, Rajan Ambat, Brian J. Connolly, Martin Strangwood, Andreas Afseth, Geoff M. Scamans
Abstract:AA5182 (Al-4.5 wt% Mg) can become susceptible to intergranular corrosion (IGC) with time at moderately elevated service temperatures owing...
Authors: Geoff M. Scamans, Andreas Afseth, George E. Thompson, Y. Liu, Xiao Rong Zhou
Abstract:Over the past ten years a detailed understanding of the dominant factors controlling the corrosion susceptibility of painted aluminium alloy...
Authors: Silje Rodahl, Kemal Nisancioglu, Ole Øystein Knudsen
Abstract:Applicability of the wedge test and the accompanying fracture mechanical data analysis, commonly used for testing of adhesively bonded...
Authors: A.N. Khramov, V.N. Balbyshev, R.A. Mantz
Abstract:Several heterocyclic organic corrosion inhibitors that contain ionazible functional group were encapsulated into nano-structural hybrid...
Authors: Magnus Hurlen Larsen, John Charles Walmsley, Otto Lunder, Kemal Nisancioglu
Abstract:Intergranular corrosion (IGC) of model alloys in the 6000-series, with and without 0.2 wt% Cu, was studied using an accelerated corrosion...
Authors: Brit Graver, Antonius van Helvoort, John Charles Walmsley, Kemal Nisancioglu
Abstract:High temperature heat treatment of aluminium alloys causes surface enrichment of the trace elements in Group IIIA - VA, specifically the low...
Authors: H.N. McMurray, A.J. Coleman, G. Williams, Andreas Afseth, Geoff M. Scamans
Abstract:Scanning Kelvin Probe (SKP) potentiometry is used to systematically investigate the effect of surface abrasion and subsequent heat-treatment...
Authors: P. Premendra, W. Loven, H. Terryn, J.H.W. de Wit, Laurens Katgerman
Abstract:The presence of a heavily deformed and corrosion susceptible surface/near-surface region on rolled aluminium alloy has been amongst the most...
Authors: C. Hénon, G. Pouget, Timothy Warner
Abstract:It is generally considered that exfoliation corrosion is due to the build-up of corrosion products that create a wedging stress that lifts...
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