Aluminium Alloys 2006 - ICAA10

Volumes 519-521

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Alison J. Davenport, Manthana Jariyaboon, Cristiano Padovani, Napachat Tareelap, Brian J. Connolly, Stewart W. Williams, Eirian Siggs

Abstract: The corrosion susceptibility of friction stir welds in AA2024-T351 was found to vary with the weld processing parameters. Corrosion attack...

Authors: Zuo Gui Zhang, Eiji Akiyama, Yoshimi Watanabe, Yasuyuki Katada, Kaneaki Tsuzaki

Abstract: The influence of microstructure on the electrochemical properties of an Al-5 wt% Cu binary alloy which was severely deformed by...

Authors: Franz Roters, Dierk Raabe, Hasso Weiland

Abstract: In this work we present deformation experiments of polymer-coated polycrystalline aluminium sheets. We observe that the straining is...

Authors: N. Giskeødegård, O. Blajiev, A. Hubin, H. Terryn, Ola Hunderi, Kemal Nisancioglu

Abstract: The properties of oxide formed on pure aluminium in acetate buffers under controlled potential, temperature, and pH are characterized by in...

Authors: Wei Huang, Di Li, Tian Liang Zheng, Min Guo

Abstract: A novel environmental protective water based metallic coating was developed for aluminum alloys, which mainly contains metal flake,...

Authors: Osami Seri

Abstract: It is well known that the Al-Fe system intermetallic compound particles on the aluminum and its alloys are detrimental to the corrosion for...

Authors: Reinhold Braun

Abstract: Microstructure and corrosion behaviour of 6061 and 6013 sheet material were investigated in the naturally aged and peak-aged heat treatment...

Authors: Paul Bourdet, Christine Blanc, Georges Mankowski, Jean Bernard Guillot

Abstract: The morphology and propagation of corrosion pits on a 6056-T78 aluminum alloy in a sulfate and chloride-containing solution have been...

Authors: De Sheng Han, Min Guo, Di Li

Abstract: By analyzing morphology, weight gain, pitting depth, potential and AC impendence in corrosion course, initial pitting behavior of LY12...

Authors: A.S. Akhtar, D. Susac, K.C. Wong, P.C. Wong, K.A.R. Mitchell

Abstract: The present work is part of a broader investigation of the effects of additives in zinc phosphate (ZPO) coating solutions that are designed...


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