Aluminium Alloys 2006 - ICAA10

Volumes 519-521

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Magnus Hörnqvist, Birger Karlsson

Abstract: The effects of temperature and strain rate on the mechanical properties of aluminium alloy AA7030 (Al-5.4Zn-1.2Mg) in naturally aged and...

Authors: Nuno Peixinho, António Pinho

Abstract: This study presents results of denting resistance of 6111-T4 aluminium alloy. Experimental results of dynamic denting were compared with...

Authors: Keiji Morita, Shinji Yoshihara, Takashi Oka

Abstract: Effect of microstructure on micro-cracking behavior of Al-Mg-Si alloy extrusions during axial compressive deformation was studied....

Authors: Bao Hong Zhu, Yon Gan Zhang, Bai Qing Xiong, Zhi Hui Li, Feng Wang, Hong Wei Liu

Abstract: One- and two-step artificial aging had been performed on the 7B04 pre-stretch thick plate, whose nominal composition is similar to 7075...

Authors: Jong Woo Park, Young Hoon Chung, Kyong Hwan Lee

Abstract: Together with conventional alloys, ultra-fine or nano-structured aluminum alloys were prepared by equal channel angular rolling (ECAR) and...

Authors: Henry Proudhon, Warren J. Poole

Abstract: In this paper, tension compression tests are carried out on AA6111 specimens in order to characterize the internal stress. The impact of...

Authors: B.S. Ham, J.H. Ok, Jung Min Seo, Beong Bok Hwang, K.H. Min, H.S. Koo

Abstract: This paper is concerned with forward rod extrusion combined simultaneously with backward tube extrusion process in both steady and...

Authors: G.M. Lee, H.S. Koo, H.J. Choi, Beong Bok Hwang

Abstract: In this paper, the forming process of a central hub by radial-forward extrusion has been analyzed by the rigid-plastic finite element...

Authors: J.H. Ok, Beong Bok Hwang

Abstract: This paper is concerned with the analysis on the surface expansion of AA 2024 and AA 1100 aluminum alloys in backward extrusion process....

Authors: Dong Hwan Jang, J.H. Ok, H.S. Koo, G.M. Lee, Beong Bok Hwang

Abstract: The rigid-plastic finite element method has been applied to three variants of radial extrusion processes to investigate the influence of...


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