Aluminium Alloys 2006 - ICAA10

Volumes 519-521

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: J. Heidemann, J. Albrecht, G. Lütjering

Abstract: The influence of variable amplitude loading on fatigue crack propagation was investigated for two high purity versions of the alloy Al 2024...

Authors: M.S. Ali, P.A.S. Reed, S. Syngellakis, Andrew J. Moffat, Carl Perrin

Abstract: Microscale fatigue damage mechanisms in various Al-Sn-Si based bearing alloys used as linings of plain automotive bearings are reported....

Authors: L.J. Venning, I. Sinclair, P.A.S. Reed

Abstract: The effects of alloy production method on microstructure and hence fatigue crack growth rate and fracture mechanism have been examined for...

Authors: Andrew J. Moffat, B.G. Mellor, C.L. Chen, Rachel C. Thomson, P.A.S. Reed

Abstract: Fatigue initiation behaviour in three multi-component Al-Si casting alloys with varying Si content is compared using a range of microscopy...

Authors: Anne Laure Lafly, Claudio Dalle Donne, Gerhard Biallas, Delphine Alléhaux, François Marie

Abstract: Residual stress fields may be rather frequently observed in several mechanical and structural parts, usually as a result of the...

Authors: Joseph D. Robson, Nicolas Kamp, A. Sullivan, Hugh R. Shercliff

Abstract: Two models to predict the microstructural evolution and post-weld properties of friction stir welds in aerospace aluminium alloys are...

Authors: Reinhold Braun, Ulises Alfaro Mercado, Gerhard Biallas

Abstract: Sheet materials of the alloys 6056 and 2024A were joined using the friction stir welding technique. Similar and dissimilar butt welds were...

Authors: Kwang Jin Lee, Shinji Kumai, Nobuhiro Ishikawa, Kazuo Furuya

Abstract: Lap joining of A6111 alloy and steel (SPCC: Steel Plate Cold-rolled C) plates was performed using a defocused YAG laser beam. A detailed...


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