Aluminium Alloys 2006 - ICAA10

Volumes 519-521

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Mohsen Asle Zaeem, M.R. Nami, I. Rajabi, M.H. Kadivar

Abstract: In this paper global welding buckling distortion of a thin wall aluminum T joint is investigated. A thermo-elastoplastic model is employed...

Authors: J. Daniel Bryant, Deborah Wilhelmy, Jacob Kallivayalil, Wei Wang

Abstract: Aluminum foams offer an attractive combination of attributes as engineering materials, such as low density, high rigidity, high energy...

Authors: Karl Heinz von Zengen

Abstract: Use of aluminium in modern cars has increased during the past 50 years due to the good properties of the metal and the need for light...

Authors: Jürgen Hirsch, Christian Leroy, Andrew Green

Abstract: The web-based e-learning tool “AluMATTER” is presented which can be accessed under the address “” and offers...

Authors: Xiao Lin Wu, Kenong Xia

Abstract: An innovative process for synthesising bulk materials using particles has been developed. The process is termed back pressure equal channel...

Authors: S.G. Shabestari, N. Wanderka, W. Seeliger, John Banhart

Abstract: Aluminium foam sandwich panels (AFS) made of a low-density aluminium alloy AlSi6Cu6 foam core and two dense 6082 alloy face sheets were...

Authors: Margarita Slámová, Petr Homola, P. Sláma, Miroslav Karlík, Miroslav Cieslar, Yoshitatsu Ohara, Nobuhiro Tsuji

Abstract: Accumulative Roll Bonding (ARB) is a technique of grain refinement by severe plastic deformation, which involves multiple repetitions of...

Authors: John Liu

Abstract: Alcoa has made a fundamental shift in its aerospace R&D program, broadening its scientific and engineering portfolio by creating an...

Authors: Subodh K. Das

Abstract: Recycling aluminum alloys has been shown to provide major economic benefits, as a result it is appropriate for the aluminum industry and...

Authors: O. Stelling, A. Irretier, O. Kessler, P. Krug, Bernd Commandeur

Abstract: Aluminum alloys with high Mg2Si-content (>10 %) offer the possibility of a significant decrease in density and an increase in stiffness at...


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