Aluminium Alloys 2006 - ICAA10

Volumes 519-521

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: R. Ilyushenko, V. Nesterenkov

Abstract: One of the “show stoppers” in fusion welding of highly alloyed aerospace aluminium alloys is their susceptibility for liquation cracking in...

Authors: Delphine Alléhaux, François Marie

Abstract: The present study deals with the properties assessment of a new generation aluminium-copper alloy, developed by ALCAN and designed 2139,...

Authors: C.M. Allen, G. Verhaeghe, P.A. Hilton, Chris P. Heason, Philip B. Prangnell

Abstract: Fusion welding of 7xxx aluminium alloy plates has been investigated for aerospace applications using autogenous laser welding and hybrid...

Authors: Mitsuhiro Watanabe, Shinji Kumai, Tomokatsu Aizawa

Abstract: A new welding method, magnetic pressure seam welding, was used to lap join dissimilar metals (Al-Fe, Al-Ni and Al-Cu). The circuit for...

Authors: A. Wittebrood, S. Desikan, R. Boom, Laurens Katgerman

Abstract: From literature and own observations it is known that the clad and core alloys that make up aluminium brazing sheet can show severe...

Authors: Werner Fragner, Bruno Zberg, Roman Sonnleitner, Peter J. Uggowitzer, Jörg F. Löffler

Abstract: To meet the requirements of weight-saving and low-cost production of components for future transport vehicles, the concept of...

Authors: Pasquale Cavaliere, Antonio Squillace

Abstract: The effect of processing parameters on mechanical and microstructural properties of dissimilar AA6082-AA2024 joints produced by Friction...

Authors: P. Ryan, Philip B. Prangnell, Stewart W. Williams

Abstract: The liquid film re-growth behaviour resulting from pulsed laser surface melting (LSM) has been investigated for typical 2xxx, and 7xxx...

Authors: Makoto Sugamata, Masayuki Genei, Masahiro Kubota, Junichi Kaneko

Abstract: Creep and creep rupture tests were carried out for friction-stir-welded (FSW) joints of 5052 aluminum alloy plates at temperatures between...

Authors: A. Sullivan, Nicolas Kamp, Joseph D. Robson

Abstract: The effect of friction stir welding (FSW) and post weld heat treatment (PWHT) on the second phase particle distribution and cross weld...


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