Aluminium Alloys 2006 - ICAA10

Volumes 519-521

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Beong Bok Hwang, G.M. Lee, Y.H. Lee, J.H. Ok, S.H. Kim

Abstract: In the present study, the finite element analysis has been conducted to investigate the deformation characteristics of forward and backward...

Authors: Beong Bok Hwang, J.H. Shim, Jung Min Seo, H.S. Koo, J.H. Ok, Y.H. Lee, G.M. Lee, K.H. Min, H.J. Choi

Abstract: This paper is concerned with the analysis of the forming load characteristics of a forward-backward can extrusion in both combined and...

Authors: Dong Hwan Jang, J.H. Ok, G.M. Lee, Beong Bok Hwang

Abstract: Numerical analysis of radial extrusion process combined with backward extrusion has been performed to investigate the forming...

Authors: F. Fazeli, Warren J. Poole, Chad W. Sinclair

Abstract: Despite extensive studies on the aging behaviour of Al3Sc containing alloys, the underlying mechanism of the precipitation strengthening is...

Authors: Zeng Tao Chen, Michael J. Worswick, David J. Lloyd

Abstract: In this paper, stretch flange forming experiments were performed on the AA5182 and AA5754 Al-Mg sheet materials. A triple-action...

Authors: I.N. Fridlyander, O.E. Grushko, B.S. Denisov, V.A. Varganov

Abstract: The increase of weight efficiency and flight-technical characteristics of the aircraft engineering is presently the actual task, requiring...

Authors: S. Ringeval, Julian H. Driver

Abstract: Multiple forging (MF) can be used to attain large plastic strains in bulk alloys by successive forging along three orthogonal directions to...

Authors: Ji Dong Kang, David S. Wilkinson, J. David Embury, Khalid Hussain

Abstract: A number of mechanical tests and metallographic techniques have been used to investigate the mechanism of ductile fracture of AA5754 sheet....

Authors: G. Fribourg, Alexis Deschamps, Yves Bréchet

Abstract: This paper presents a detailed study of the microstructure and mechanical properties of AA7449 alloy during the two step heat treatment...

Authors: Jean Yves Buffière, Emilie Ferrié, Wolfgang Ludwig, Anthony Gravouil

Abstract: This paper reports recent results on the characterisation and modelling of the three dimensional (3D) propagation of small fatigue cracks...


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