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Authors: Janny Lindemann, Anja Kutzsche, Michael Oehring, Fritz Appel
Abstract:The effect of shot peening and roller burnishing on the fatigue performance of the γ(TiAl) alloy Ti-45Al-9Nb-0.2C was investigated over a...
Authors: M. Roth, Horst Biermann
Abstract:The efficiency of aircraft and industrial gas turbines and combustion engines depends on the maximum operation temperature and, therefore,...
Authors: Yoshihisa Harada, David C. Dunand
Abstract:The microstructure of ternary Al3(Sc1-yREy) intermetallic compounds (where RE is one of the rare-earth elements La, Ce, Nd, Sm, Eu, Yb or...
Authors: Wen Fang Cui, Chun Ming Liu, V. Bauer, Hans Jürgen Christ
Abstract:Isothermal low cycle fatigue (LCF) behaviours of a third generation titanium aluminide based γ-TiAl alloy with duplex microstructure were...
Authors: Han Cheol Choe, S.J. Park, S.W. Eun, Yeong Mu Ko
Abstract:In order to investigate the intergranular and pitting corrosion behavior of Fe-25Al-6Cr intermetallic compounds containing Mo, Nb and B, 11...
Authors: Won Yong Kim
Abstract:Microstructures and mechanical properties of Ni3Al based intermetallic alloys produced by vacuum arc melting and vacuum induction melting...
Authors: Yoon Uk Heo, Seung Ho Mun, Hu Chul Lee
Abstract:The mechanism of grain boundary embrittlement and the improvement of the tensile ductility afforded by alloy addition or heat treatment was...
Authors: Takehiko Watanabe, K. Oohara
Abstract:This study was carried out to newly develop the fluxes and filler metals for brazing magnesium alloy AZ31B more easily at lower...
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