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Authors: S.Y. Luo, Y.C. Chen, W.H. Wen

Abstract: The paper was to investigate the development of the graphite/phenolic resin composite materials that were fabricated by compression molding...

Authors: Toshiyuki Mori, John Drennan, Ding Rong Ou, Fei Ye

Abstract: Rare earth doped ceria compounds are fluorite related oxides which show oxide ionic conductivity higher than yttria stabilized zirconia in...

Authors: E. Garlea, V.O. Garlea, Hahn Choo, C.R. Hubbard, Peter K. Liaw

Abstract: Neutron incoherent scattering measurements were conducted on Zircaloy-4 round bars. The specimens were charged in a tube furnace at 430 °C,...

Authors: Z.X. Li, Xia Huang, L.C. Qi, Chun Xiao Cao

Abstract: The beneficial effects of boron addition on microstructure transformations and mechanical properties of γ-TiAl alloys were investigated....

Authors: Haruyuki Inui, Katsushi Tanaka, Kyosuke Kishida, Satoshi Fujio

Abstract: A CBED (convergent-beam electron diffraction) method proposed by the present authors for chiral identification of enantiomorphic crystals...

Authors: Antonín Dlouhý, Kateřina Dočekalová, Ladislav Zemčík

Abstract: The present study focuses on vacuum induction melting and investment casting of neargamma TiAl intermetallic alloys. The attention is...

Authors: T.D. Reynolds, M. Acosta, David R. Johnson

Abstract: Alloys of Ru-Al-Cr with compositions between Ru-10Al-35Cr and Ru-3Al-39Cr (at.%) were directionally solidified and heat treated to produce...

Authors: Michael Oehring, V. Küstner, Fritz Appel, Uwe Lorenz

Abstract: Gamma titanium aluminide alloys often solidify peritectically and show a coarse, dendritic microstructure, which can lead to unacceptable...

Authors: Alain Jacot, Amin Rostamian

Abstract: A phenomenological modeling approach has been developed to describe the massive transformation and the formation of lamellar...

Authors: Jörg M.K. Wiezorek

Abstract: Alloys based on FePd in the vicinity of the equiatomic composition are good model systems to study the microstructrual and phase...


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