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Authors: Takeshi Ohgai, Masayuki Mizumoto, Shigeki Nomura, Akio Kagawa

Abstract: A polycarbonate membrane filter with numerous cylindrical nanopores was used as a template for growing metallic nanowires such as Ni, Co...

Authors: Myoung Ryul Ok, Eun Young Kang, Ji Hye Kim, Young Su Ji, Chang Woo Lee, Young Joo Oh, Kyung Tae Hong

Abstract: Plasma electrolytic oxidation (PEO) has drawn attention and been studied intensively all through the world. The thick ceramic coatings...

Authors: S.Y. Park, Moon Chul Kim, Chan Gyung Park

Abstract: Nano structured WC-Co coatings with carbide size of 100−200nm were fabricated by detonation gun spraying. The fabricated nano coatings...

Authors: J.J. Park, Han Cheol Choe, Yeong Mu Ko
Authors: Evy De Bruycker, Zinedine Zermout, Bruno C. De Cooman

Abstract: Demands for highly corrosion resistant coated steel are growing. As a result, Zn-Al-Mg coatings were developed. The possibilities of these...

Authors: M.J. Franklin, S.W. Huang, Tara Chandra, A. Kiet Tieu

Abstract: This research is part of a larger project to investigate the wear and friction of the centre bearing of a rail freight truck. Existing...

Authors: Ko Shao Chen, Su Chen Chen, Yi Chun Yeh, Hong Ru Lin, Wen Fu Lee, Heng Hsien Lee

Abstract: This study was compare of physics and chemical property of Styrene-butadiene-styrene (SBS)/ Acrylic acid (AA) copolymer after thermal...

Authors: You Wang, D.L. Wang, G. Liu, W. Tian, C.H. Wang

Abstract: In this paper, Al2O3/TiO2 coatings via thermal spray approach using three different feedstock powders, i.e., (a) reconstituted nanosized...

Authors: Ludwig Jörissen, Werner Lehnert, Juergen Garche, W. Tillmetz

Abstract: In this paper reactions having strong influence on the lifetime of PEMFCs are described. These lifetime limiting reactions are related to...

Authors: Søren Linderoth, Peter Halvor Larsen, M. Mogensen, Peter V. Hendriksen, N. Christiansen, H. Holm-Larsen

Abstract: The SOFC technology under development at Risø National Laboratory (RISØ) and Topsoe Fuel Cell A/S (TOFC) is based on an integrated approach...


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