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Authors: Philippe Lours, Yu Hong Qi, Yannick Le Maoult, Bernard Pieraggi
Authors: R. Gnanamoorthy, A. Sahaya Grinspan

Abstract: Oil jet peening is a surface modification process developed for the introduction of compressive residual stresses. In this process, a...

Authors: Zhao Hui Huang, Yong Ning Tan, Xi Hong Zhao, Jian Ping Li, Qiang Zhang

Abstract: Two MCrAlY overlay coatings (NiCrAlYSi and NiCoCrAlYHf) were deposited on a DS superalloy of Ni-Al-Cr-Co-W-Mo-Ta-Hf system by vacuum arc...

Authors: A.K. Mondal, Subodh Kumar, Carsten Blawert, Narendra B. Dahotre

Abstract: A creep resistant Mg alloy MRI 230D was subjected to laser surface treatment using Nd:YAG laser equipped with a fiber optics beam delivery...

Authors: Mirko Sokovic, Leszek Adam Dobrzański, Janez Kopač, Ladislav Kosec

Abstract: The paper presents investigation results of tribological and cutting properties of the coatings deposited with the PVD and CVD techniques...

Authors: Duk Hyun Nam, Kyu Hong Lee, Sung Hak Lee, Nack J. Kim, Kyu Young Kim

Abstract: This study aims at correlating microstructure with hardness and corrosion resistance of surface alloyed materials fabricated with Fe-based...

Authors: Yun Zhong Liu, Yuan Yuan Li

Abstract: A novel spray forming process was developed to produce large billets, wide plates or thick tubes with excellent microstructures and high...

Authors: Richard Wuhrer, Wing Yiu Yeung

Abstract: Development of complex ternary nitride coatings has attracted significant industrial interest in recent years. In deposition of complex...

Authors: Vladimir Shapovalov

Abstract: The paper summarizes new and published data and also deals with structure, applications, and properties of gasars – new porous materials...

Authors: X. Peng, X. Yang, Y. Zhang, Y. Zhou, F. Wang

Abstract: Formation of a protective scale such as chromia or alumina is a prerequisite for an excellent oxidation performance of high-temperature...


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