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Authors: Yong Jin Kim, Jin Chun Kim, Jung Ho Ahn
Abstract:Hypereutectic prealloyed Al-20wt.%Si powders were prepared by the gas atomization process. Characteristics of the atomized Al-Si powders...
Authors: Xuan Hui Qu, Shi Bo Guo, Chun Feng Tang, Ming Li Qin, Xin Bo He, Syed Humail Islam
Authors: Hyung Sik Chung, Moon Tae Kim, Jung Ho Choi, Jae Hwan Ahn
Authors: C.J. Huang, E. Ghassemieh
Abstract:A 3-D coupled temperature-displacement finite element analysis is performed to study an ultrasonic consolidation process. Results show that...
Authors: Michael Nöthe, Matthias Schulze, Rainer Grupp, Bernd Kieback, A. Haibel
Abstract:The two-particle model describes the approach of particle centres and the growth of the interparticle contacts during sintering of metal...
Authors: Núria Llorca-Isern, I. Laborde, X. Mirabet, P. Molera, Antoni Roca
Abstract:Mechanical alloying (MA) is one of the most appropriate severe plastic deformation processes applied to powders in order to obtain good...
Authors: Yu Cheng Fang, Xi Yu Luo, Xiang Yang Li
Authors: Slavko Dolinsek
Abstract:For a comprehensive understanding of the direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) process and for the successful introduction of this technology,...
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