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Authors: Sang Min Byon, Young Seog Lee

Abstract: In this paper, we present an analytic approach for the prediction of roll force to be applicable to the billet rolling process which...

Authors: G. Barton, X. Li, Gerhard Hirt

Abstract: Nickel-base alloys are mostly used for high-temperature applications, many of which are heavily loaded safety components. The material...

Authors: Takamichi Iida, Nagendra Tripathi, M. Isac, Rod I.L. Guthrie

Abstract: The current article presented appropriate models using a new parameter recently introduced by the authors to accurately predict the atomic...

Authors: H.S. Joe, J.S. Park, Y.H. Kim

Abstract: According as the demand of miniature metal balls of various diameter increases, processing property and a variety of coverage are...

Authors: Bohdan Mochnacki, Ewa Majchrzak

Abstract: The methods of sensitivity analysis allow to estimate the influence of parameters determining the geometrical, physical, boundary and...

Authors: Paulo Rangel Rios, G.S. Fonseca

Abstract: Alongside volume fraction, VV, and area per unit of volume, SV, the integral interface curvature per unit of volume, MV, or the average...

Authors: Piotr Szota, Henryk Dyja

Abstract: Reinforcement bars are chiefly used in the building industry at production of reinforced concrete constructions and as working elements in...

Authors: Nina Kirchner, E. Kirchner

Abstract: First numerical results for microstretch continua, embedded in a hierarchy of generalized continuum models,will be presented. The governing...

Authors: Patrizia Trovalusci, Vittorio Sansalone, Fabrizio Cleri

Abstract: A continuum model for composite materials made of short, stiff and tough fibres embedded in a more deformable matrix with distributed...

Authors: Kyung Jun Ko, Pil Ryung Cha, Nong Moon Hwang

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