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Authors: V.S. Yusupov, A.I. Milyaev, Galia F. Korznikova, Alexander V. Korznikov, J.K. Kovneristii

Abstract: Results of experimental research into evolution of the structure and microhardness of the hard magnetic Fe-30Cr-8Co-0,7Ti-0,5V-0,7Si alloy...

Authors: Ai Bin Ma, Yoshinori Nishida, Masakazu Nagase, Jing Hua Jiang, Jin Chun Kim, Naobumi Saito, Ichinori Shigematsu

Abstract: Squeeze-cast 20vol%SiCw/2024 composite was processed by rotary-die equal-channel angular pressing (RD-ECAP) and tensile-tested at elevated...

Authors: Mitsuaki Furui, Hiroki Kitamura, Megumi Fukuta, Hiroshi Anada, Terence G. Langdon
Authors: Zheng Dong Liu, Shi Chang Cheng, H.S. Bao, Gang Yang, Yu Gan

Abstract: T122 is a competitive heat resistant steel used for the construction of ultra super critical power stations. The authors experimentally...

Authors: Horst Cerjak, Gerhard Dimmler, Ivan Holzer, Ernst Kozeschnik, Peter Mayr, Cornelia Pein, Bernhard Sonderegger

Abstract: The research activities on ferritic / martensitic 9-12% Cr steels at the Institute of Materials Science, Welding and Forming (IWS) are...

Authors: Agnieszka M. Wusatowska-Sarnek, P. Bhowal, Daniel Gynther, Rick Montero

Abstract: The notched low cycle fatigue (LCF) behavior of a P/M (Powder Metallurgy) gas turbine disk superalloy (IN100) was investigated to determine...

Authors: Frank Montheillet, S. Girard, Christophe Desrayaud, S. Lee Semiatin, J. Le Coze

Abstract: The present work deals with the influence of niobium in solid solution on the dynamic recrystallization of pure nickel. High-purity nickel...

Authors: Xing Fu Yu, Su Gui Tian, Ming Gang Wang, Hong Qiang Du, Fan Lai Meng, Z.Q. Hu
Authors: Masataka Yoshino, Yoshinao Mishima, Yoshiaki Toda, Hideaki Kushima, Kota Sawada, Kazuhiro Kimura

Abstract: The precipitation behavior of MX carbonitride during a normalizing heat treatment with and without ausageing was investigated in a modified...

Authors: Fujio Abe, H. Semba, T. Sakuraya

Abstract: The effect of boron on microstructure and creep deformation behavior has been investigated for a tempered martensitic 9Cr-3WVNb steel with...


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