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Authors: Lin Liu, Fa Qin Xie, Jun Zhang, Heng Zhi Fu
Abstract:Directional solidification technique permits materials to grow along specific orientation, in order to obtain mechanical and/or physical...
Authors: Kazuhiro Kimura, Kota Sawada, Yoshiaki Toda, Hideaki Kushima
Abstract:Degradation mechanism and life prediction method of high chromium ferritic creep resistant steels have been investigated. In the high stress...
Authors: Jia Rong Li, Kai Guo Wang, Yu Shi Luo, Shi Zhong Liu, Mei Han, Chun Xiao Cao
Authors: Young Seok Song, M.R. Lee, Jeong Tae Kim
Abstract:Alloy 718 ingot with a diameter of 400mm was made by the vacuum melting process ; VIM followed by VAR. Compression tests were conducted on...
Authors: R.H. Wu, K.C. Pang
Abstract:The deformation features are analyzed for titanium alloy and superalloy during isothermal/hot die forging process, and proper finite element...
Authors: Kiyoshi Mizuuchi, Takashi Takeuchi, Kanryu Inoue, Jun Hee Lee, Masami Sugioka, Masao Itami, Masakazu Kawahara, Isamu Yamauchi, Hiroshi Asanuma
Abstract:Boron-fiber-reinforced Al-matrix composite was fabricated by a pulsed current hot pressing (PCHP) process at a pressure of 32MPa for 600s....
Authors: S.T. Davies
Abstract:The growth of TiNi thin films by ion beam sputter deposition using a Kaufmann type ion source is described. Argon ions are used to sputter...
Authors: Takuro Kushima, Koichi Tsuchiya, Yasuyoshi Sho, Takafumi Yamada, Yoshikazu Todaka, Minoru Umemoto
Abstract:Effect of chemical composition was investigated on martensitic transformation temperatures, Curie temperature, magnetization and...
Authors: Adrian Sandu, Koichi Tsuchiya, Shinya Yamamoto, Masayuki Tabuchi, Yoshikazu Todaka, Minoru Umemoto
Abstract:Effect of isothermal aging on martensitic transformation temperatures, mechanical properties and microstructure was investigated for a...
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