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Authors: Christof Sommitsch, Peter Poelt, Guntram Rüf, Stefan Mitsche, Mihaela Albu
Abstract:In the high temperature deformation window of the nickel base Alloy 80A the lower temperature region during open die forging was examined...
Authors: Yoshiaki Toda, Hideaki Kushima, Kazuhiro Kimura, Fujio Abe
Abstract:The effects of nickel content and heat treatment conditions on the creep strength of precipitation-strengthened 15Cr ferritic steel were...
Authors: Kota Sawada, Hideaki Kushima, Kazuhiro Kimura
Abstract:The precipitation site, main metallic composition and number density of Z phase have been investigated in T91 in order to clarify the...
Authors: Minoru Doi, Takao Kozakai, Tomokazu Moritani, Shizuo Naito
Abstract:In the elastically constrained Ni-Al-Ti alloy system, three kinds of phase-separations, i.e. microstructure changes, take place to bring the...
Authors: Masao Takeyama
Abstract:Alloy design concept for the development of a new class of austenitic heat resistant steels strengthened by Fe2M Laves phases (M: transition...
Authors: Si Xin Zhao, Wei Wang, Da Li Mao
Abstract:The platelike bainitic ferrite growth rates were calculated by two modified diffusional models. Good agreements between experimental and...
Authors: N. Miura, K. Kurita, Y. Kondo, Takashi Matsuo
Abstract:It has been elucidated that the small creep strain must be essential to form the rafted γ/γ' structure using a single crystal nickel-based...
Authors: Takashi Matsuo
Abstract:Through the analysis of many creep rate-strain curves of γ-single phase Ni-20mass%Cr alloy single crystals with various stress axes, it has...
Authors: Takao Kozakai, C. Aoki, Tomokazu Moritani, Minoru Doi
Abstract:Phase separation of γ (A1) supersaturated solid solution into A1, γ’ (L12) and γ” (D022) phases was investigated in two Ni-rich Ni-V-Si...
Authors: Zhuang Qi Hu, Ying Lei Ren, Tao Jin, Xiao Feng Sun, Heng Rong Guan
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