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Authors: Satoshi Sunada, Takahisa Yamamoto, Kazuhiko Majima
Abstract:Three kinds of Type 304 stainless steels: the first one was made by the conventional wrought process (I/M), the second one by conventional...
Authors: Hidefumi Date
Abstract:In order to clarify the effect of strain rates on phase transformation behaviors of Ni-Ti alloy, a compressive test using a cylindrical...
Authors: Soon Jong Jeong, Eon Cheol Park, Dae Su Lee, Min Soo Kim, Jae Sung Song, Gon Seung Yang
Authors: Takashi Fukuda, Jae Hoon Kim, Tomoyuki Kakeshita
Abstract:We have studied effect of magnetic field on the martensite (10M) to intermediate phase transformation temperature (As) of Ni2MnGa in order...
Authors: D. Lewis III, M. Ashraf Imam, Arne W. Fliflet, Ralph W. Bruce, L.K. Kurihara, A.K. Kinkead, M. Lombardi, Steven H. Gold
Abstract:We are using 2.45 GHz (S-Band) microwave systems and an 83-GHz, gytrotron-based, millimeter-wave beam system in material processing and...
Authors: Satoshi Sunada, Yusuke Miyazaki, Kazuhiko Majima
Abstract:The pitting corrosion behavior of sintered SUS 444 stainless steels (P/M specimens) with different kinds of porosity ratios of 13.3, 9.11...
Authors: Iulian Radu, Dong Yang Li
Abstract:The near-equiatomic TiNi alloy has been demonstrated to possess high wear resistance, which largely benefits from its pseudoelasticity (PE)....
Authors: Kazuko Inoue, Yasuo Yamaguchi, Yoshinobu Ishii, Hiroki Yamauchi, Toetsu Shishido
Abstract:Magnetic field effect on a Heusler-type Ni2MnGa off-stoichiometric alloy having a martensitic transformation temperature around room...
Authors: Yoko Yamabe-Mitarai, Toru Hara, Seiji Miura, Hideki Hosoda
Abstract:Shape recovery and superelasticity of Ti-50at%Pt and Ti-50at%(Pt, Ir), whose martensitic transformation temperature are above 1273 K, were...
Authors: Kenichi Hamada, Fumiaki Kawano, Kenzo Asaoka
Abstract:NiTi shape memory alloy fiber-embedded denture-base-resin matrix smart composites were developed as a new denture base material for a “smart...
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