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Authors: Donald W. Brown, A. Jain, Sean R. Agnew, Bjørn Clausen

Abstract: Textured Mg alloys exhibit tension – compression strength asymmetry due to mechanical twinning. The distinction arises as the material...

Authors: H. Masui, H. Katoh

Abstract: Theories of the pencil glide theory for bcc metal and MPG(modified pencil glide) theory for fcc metal are reviewed. Interest is focused to...

Authors: Hiroshi Fukutomi, Eisuke Iguchi, Kyohei Shibuya

Abstract: Thermoelectric oxide Bi1.5Pb0.5Sr1.7Y0.5Co2O9- δ is produced by sintering method. Uniaxial compression deformation is performed on the...

Authors: Y.H. Sha, S.C. Zhou, Wei Pei, Liang Zuo

Abstract: The influences of different rolling modes and speed ratios on cold rolling texture development, and the characteristics of...

Authors: Liana M.F.G. de Lima, Nelson Batista de Lima, R.L. Plaut, Angelo Fernando Padilha

Abstract: The evolution of the microstructure, macrotexture, microtexture and mesotexture has been studied during the annealing at 760°C after temper...

Authors: H.F.G. Abreu, Sergio S.M. Tavares, S.S. Carvalho, T.H.T. Eduardo, Antonia Daniele S. Bruno, Marcelo Henrique Prado da Silva

Abstract: Crystallographic macrotexture of pure niobium cold rolled to 30, 60, 80 and 90% reduction was analyzed by X-ray diffraction and compared...

Authors: Hirofumi Inoue, K. Asao, Masaaki Ishio, Takayuki Takasugi

Abstract: TiNi shape memory alloy thin sheets were produced from titanium and nickel metal sheets by a new processing consisting of repetitive...

Authors: C. Schmidt, Rudolf Kawalla, Tom Walde, Hermann Riedel, A. Prakash, Christophe Poizat

Abstract: Due to the deformation mechanisms and the typical basal texture rolled magnesium sheets show a significant asymmetry of flow stress in...

Authors: Paul van Houtte, Albert Van Bael, Marc Seefeldt

Abstract: Finite element models for metal forming are used to design and optimise industrial forming processes. The limit strain in sheet metal...

Authors: Leon M. Cheng, Eric Summers

Abstract: Magnetostrictive Galfenol (Fe-Ga) is a promising and mechanically robust actuator material. Single crystals of Galfenol have been shown to...


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