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Authors: Masatoshi Tosaka, Masaki Tsuji, Shinzo Kohjiya, Kuniaki Nagayama
Authors: X.W. Zhou, D.A. Murdick, B. Gillespie, J.J. Quan, Haydn N.G. Wadley, Ralf Drautz, David Pettifor

Abstract: The atomic-scale structures and properties of thin films are critically determined by the various kinetic processes activated during their...

Authors: S.J. Bull

Abstract: The development of nanostructured materials and coatings has driven the development of indentation-based assessment techniques which aim to...

Authors: D. Litvinov, D. Gerthsen, A. Rosenauer, M. Schowalter, Thorsten Passow, Michael Hetterich

Abstract: We investigated InGaAs layers grown by molecular-beam epitaxy on GaAs (001) with transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and...

Authors: Sung Hoon Lee, Sang Soo Han, Jeung Ku Kang, Hyuck Mo Lee

Abstract: The molecular dynamics (MD) simulation employing the embedded atom method (EAM) has been performed to examine the phase stability of Pt...

Authors: Mihail Ionescu, Bryce Richards, Keith McIntosh, R. Siegele, E. Stelcer, D.D. Cohen, Tara Chandra

Abstract: Thin SiN film deposited on Si by plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition (PECVD) is used for surface passivation of Si. During the PECVD...

Authors: Sung Kil Hong, S.B. Jung, Young Chan Kim, W.K. Kee, Chang Seog Kang
Authors: Sung Jin Kim, Y.H. Oh, Sung Bum Park, W.I. Kwon, Rustamjon Khudayberganov, R. Khamidova, Dong Sik Kim, S.S. Park, K.B. Park, Jung Ho Ahn
Authors: H. Kumagai, M. Shibata, Tomokazu Moritani, Takao Kozakai, Minoru Doi, Makoto Takagi, Toru Imura

Abstract: When the Al/Ge/SiO2 bilayer films are annealed in-situ in a scanning electron microscope (SEM) at the temperatures lower than the...

Authors: S.S. Tzeng, Wei Min Wu, J.S. Hsu

Abstract: Diamond-like carbon (DLC) films were synthesized by RF plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition using methane as carbon source. Effect of...


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