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Authors: Takehiko Eto, Manabu Nakai
Abstract:New affordable 2024 series aerospace aluminum alloy has been developed. Fracture toughness has been demonstrated increase in inverse...
Authors: Kenzo Asaoka, Kunimitsu Maejima
Abstract:Thermal desorption spectroscopy (TDS) was applied to measure the hydrogen in titanium (Ti). Because fracture by hydrogen embrittlement for...
Authors: B. Cherukuri, R. Srinivasan
Abstract:Two-Dimensional finite element analysis was carried out to optimize the equal channel angular pressing process (ECAP) for strain homogeneity...
Authors: A. Colin, Christophe Desrayaud, Marie Mineur, Frank Montheillet
Abstract:The aim of this work is to study the flow instabilities occurring during hot forging of titanium alloy blades. In this view, the...
Authors: Hideshi Miura, Toshiko Osada, Shigeo Tanaka, Makoto Uemura
Abstract:In this study, gas nitriding was processed for various sizes of Ti specimens which were produced by metal injection molding (MIM) process,...
Authors: Ming Jen Tan, X.J. Zhu, S. Thiruvarudchelvan, K.M. Liew
Abstract:This work reports the influence of oxidation on the superplasticity of commercially pure titanium at high temperatures. Uniaxial tensile...
Authors: S.M.C. van Bohemen, Jilt Sietsma, Sybrand van der Zwaag
Abstract:The growth mechanism of bainitic α plates in Ti-4.5Fe-6.8Mo-1.5Al, a metastable β Ti alloy, has been investigated by optical microscopy,...
Authors: X.P. Guo, L.M. Gao, Ping Guan, K. Kusabiraki, Heng Zhi Fu
Abstract:The microstructure and mechanical properties including room temperature fracture toughness Kq, tensile strengthσb and elongationδ at 1250°C...
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