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Authors: Song Xiao Hui, Xu Jun Mi
Abstract:Titanium alloys are subject to high expectation of damage tolerance in terms of high fracture ductility and low rate of fatigue crack...
Authors: Sengo Kobayashi, Koji Murakami, Kiyomichi Nakai, Makoto Hino
Abstract:Microstructures of alkali- and/or heat-treated films on a Ti-15Zr-4Nb-4Ta alloy were analyzed by means of scanning electron microscopy, thin...
Authors: Astrid Lenain, Nicolas Clément, Muriel Véron, Pascal J. Jacques
Authors: Murray W. Mahoney, Christian B. Fuller, William H. Bingel, Michael Calabrese
Abstract:Friction stir processing (FSP) of cast NiAl bronze has resulted in significant increases in properties including more than doubling the...
Authors: Satoshi Hirano, Kazutaka Okamoto, S.H.C. Park, K. Aota, T. Tsukamoto
Abstract:Friction Stir Welding (FSW) has been applied to ultra fine grained (UFG) steel which is the plane carbon steel with the average grain size...
Authors: T. Nishihara, K. Yamamura
Abstract:Friction stir welding (FSW) has been generating interest in association with friction stir processing (FSP), a new technique that employs...
Authors: Da Tong Zhang, Mayumi Suzuki, Kouichi Maruyama
Abstract:A thixomoulded magnesium alloy containing thermally stable Al2Ca phase was friction stir processed, and its microstructure and mechanical...
Authors: Terry R. McNelley, Keiichiro Oh-ishi, Alexandre P. Zhilyaev
Abstract:Friction stir processing (FSP) has been employed for localized modification and control of microstructures in NiAl bronze materials, which...
Authors: Christian B. Fuller, Murray W. Mahoney, William H. Bingel, Michael Calabrese, B. London
Abstract:Friction stir processing (FSP) produced local microstructural refinement in cast Ni Al Bronze. The refined microstructure quality was...
Authors: S.H.C. Park, Yutaka S. Sato, Hiroyuki Kokawa, Kazutaka Okamoto, Satoshi Hirano, Masahisa Inagaki
Abstract:Friction stir welding (FSW) was applied to a 0.53% nitrogen stainless steel. The nitrogen content change and the microstructural evolution...
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