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Authors: Kyeong Jae Byeon, Sung Hoon Hong, Ki Yeon Yang, Deok Kee Kim, Heon Lee
Abstract:Embossing or imprint lithography is the key-technology for the mass production of nanosized structures with low cost. Currently Si or quartz...
Authors: W.J. Evans, F.R. Eng
Abstract:The paper explores texture in the titanium alloys Ti-6-4 and Ti 550. It illustrates how texture evolves under plane strain compression in...
Authors: Xin Hua Wu, Joaquin Del Prado, D. Hu, A. Huang, M.Q. Chu, M.H. Loretto
Abstract:Samples of Ti-15Cr and Ti-15V-3Sn-3Al-3Cr (wt%) containing controlled additions of carbon up to 0.2wt% and different oxygen contents have...
Authors: Si Young Sung, Young Jig Kim
Abstract:Over the past decades, a large number of researchers have been trying titanium alloys in an attempt to combine most of their advantages,...
Authors: Jeoung Han Kim, Jong Taek Yeom, Nho Kwang Park, Chong Soo Lee
Abstract:The high-temperature deformation behavior of the single-phase α (Ti-7.0Al-1.5V) and α + β (Ti-6Al-4V) alloy were determined and compared...
Authors: Masahiko Ikeda, Masaaki Mori
Abstract:To develop new shape memory and super-elastic alloys for medical applications, titanium alloys using non-toxic metallic elements, such as Ta...
Authors: K. Ogawa
Abstract:Since titanium alloys are the most promising structural materials for the high velocity vehicles, the impact tensile strength of the...
Authors: D. Hu, H. Jiang, M.H. Loretto, Xin Hua Wu
Abstract:Beta phase decomposition in Ti-44Al-4Nb-4Hf-0.1Si during continuous cooling from β phase field has been investigated. A wide cooling rate...
Authors: F. Wang, J. Mei, H. Jiang, Xin Hua Wu
Authors: L. Qian, J. Mei, Xin Hua Wu
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