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Authors: Akio Hirose, Hirotaka Imaeda, Miki Kondo, Kojiro F. Kobayashi
Abstract:Dissimilar joining of Al alloys and steel was carried out using diffusion bonding process. The effects of Si and Mg contents of Al alloys...
Authors: Heinz Günter Brokmeier, Sabine Lenser, Robert A. Schwarzer, Volker Ventzke, Stefan Riekehr, Mustafa Koçak, Jens Homeyer
Abstract:Dissimilar welded components joined with any kind of welding technologies gain an increasing interest due to significant improvements in...
Authors: Takeshi Terajima, Toshio Kuroda
Abstract:Butt resistance welding of super duplex stainless steel type 329J4L with inserting type 316L stainless steel wires was investigated. When...
Authors: Kook Soo Bang, Woo Yeol Kim, Chan Park, Young Ho Ahn, Jong Bong Lee
Abstract:The effects of nitrogen content on weld metal impact toughness in submerged arc welding were investigated and interpreted in terms of...
Authors: Kazuhiko Kamo, Masatoshi Sato, Kiyotomo Nakata
Authors: Michael Mayer, Andrew Zwart
Abstract:An integrated sensor method is used to measure interfacial temperature profiles with an ultrasonic friction test process. The profiles are...
Authors: Manabu Tanaka, Shinichi Tashiro, Takayuki Kashima, John J. Lowke, Anthony B. Murphy
Authors: Makoto Takahashi, Kenji Ikeuchi
Abstract:When a voltage in the direction opposite to that for anodic bonding is applied to an anodically-bonded joint of glass whose alkali ion...
Authors: Lars Erik Svensson
Abstract:The recent investigations about high strength manganese – nickel alloyed weld metals are reviewed. The mechanical properties from different...
Authors: Y.P. Yang, G. Jung
Abstract:Weld modeling technology and control and mitigation techniques of residual stress and distortion have made a significant progress in the...
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