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Authors: Vinzenz Bissig, Jolanta Janczak-Rusch, Matteo Galli

Abstract: Three different approaches for metal to ceramic brazing are compared using the example of Si3N4/TiN-steel joints: the use of an active...

Authors: Manuel Marya, M.J. Rathod, Surendar Marya, Muneharu Kutsuna, Didier Priem

Abstract: Laser-roll bonding and magnetic pulse welding are two relatively new processes that greatly minimize problems of metallurgical...

Authors: Tung Han Chuang, Shiu Fang Yen

Abstract: In this study, 0.1~1.0 wt.% of pure Ce was added into a Sn3Ag0.5Cu solder alloy, resulting in the formation of precipitated CeSn3 clusters...

Authors: David G. Richards, Philip B. Prangnell, Philip J. Withers, Stewart W. Williams, Andrew Wescott, E.C. Oliver

Abstract: Although Friction Stir Welding (FSW) avoids many of the problems encountered when fusion welding high strength Al-alloys, it can still...

Authors: Y. Miyazawa, C.S. Chang, H. Sato, Jun Suda, T. Hiraoka, Kiichi Kanda, T. Ariga

Abstract: Joining technology of CP-Titanium and Titanium alloy is very important for manufacturing field. In that case of titanium brazing, chemical...

Authors: C. Huang, G. Cao, S. Kou

Abstract: Liquation cracking in the partially melted zone (PMZ) of aluminum welds was studied. The PMZ is the region immediately outside the fusion...

Authors: Shi Quan Zhou, Hong Zhao, Qiang Dong

Abstract: Affection of the main process parameters(Temperature and Time) on microstructure and properties of Ti(C,N)/Ni interface has been studied by...

Authors: Jie Zhang, Lin Bin Zhu, Bao You Zhang, Shi Wei Yang

Abstract: Si3N4 and 40CrMo steel was joined using Ag-Cu-Ti-Pd brazing filler. Microstructure of the joint and bonding interface was studied by SEM...

Authors: Kazuyoshi Saida, Woo Hyun Song, Kazutoshi Nishimoto

Abstract: The diode laser brazing of heat-resistant alloys with precious brazing filler metals has been conducted using the tandem beam consisted of...

Authors: Janez Tušek, B. Taljat, Marco Hrženjak, Damjan Klobčar

Abstract: The paper treats the application of laser to repair of cracks occurring at dies for die casting of non-ferrous metals (particularly...


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