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Authors: Reimund Neugebauer, Stephan Dietrich, Christian Kraus
Abstract:Joining by forming of magnesium alloys is restricted by the limited forming capability of magnesium at room temperature. For this reason...
Authors: Akio Suzumura
Abstract:Braze Pressure Welding (BPW) with high frequency induction heating is a newly developed pressure welding technique using interlayer metals...
Authors: D. Kim, D. Blake, Seung Jin Ryu, Byeong Soo Lim
Abstract:Resistance spot welds (RSW) have been widely used in the sheet metal joining process due to high productivity, low cost and convenience. The...
Authors: Chung Yun Kang, Tae Kyo Han, Bong Keun Lee, Jeong Kil Kim
Abstract:The characteristics of Nd:YAG laser welded 600MPa grade TRIP(transformation induced plasticity) and DP(dual phase) steels with respect to...
Authors: Yoshinori Hirata, K. Tsujimura, B.Y.B. Yudodibroto, M.J.M. Hermans, I.M. Richardson
Abstract:In Gas shielded Metal Arc Welding process, the molten drop at the electrode wire tip is detached and transferred into the weld pool by...
Authors: Toshio Kuroda, Kenji Ikeuchi, Takeshi Terajima
Abstract:Super duplex stainless steels were welded using new flash butt welding technology of temperature controlling system. The super duplex...
Authors: Tim P. Mitchell, Ruth Sanderson, Bruce G.I. Dance
Abstract:There is an ongoing drive to reduce the operating costs of aero-engines and this may be achieved partially via an increase in engine...
Authors: Lars Erik Stridh
Abstract:Laser welding is a well known process, so is GMAW. But the joining of the processes, the so called laser hybrid welding is not that known,...
Authors: Toshihiko Koseki, Toshio Araki
Abstract:Monte Carlo (MC) and finite difference (FD) hybrid method is applied to numerically model the growth of austenite grains caused by welding...
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