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Authors: Hideki Hamatani, Yasunobu Miyazaki, Tadayuki Otani, Shigeru Ohkita

Abstract: Ultra-fine grained steel (UFGS) with an average grain size of less than 1μm has been developed and is expected to demonstrate superior...

Authors: S.W. Huang, S. Burgess, L. Németh Wehrmann, D. Nolan, Tara Chandra

Abstract: Insulated rail joint assemblies provide electrical insulation between two sections of rail for signalling purposes. In this work, rail...

Authors: K. Shinozaki, K. Koyama

Abstract: Brazing of Al to Cu using Al-Si-Mg-Bi brazing alloy has been carried out in a vacuum furnace. In the brazed interlayer, there were two...

Authors: Shinji Fukumoto, Taiju Matsuo, Daisuke Kuroda, Harushige Tsubakino

Abstract: Micro-resistance spot weldability of nickel free stainless steel sheet was studied to fabricate medical implants. Weld lobe was established...

Authors: Won Bae Lee, Chang Yong Lee, Yun Mo Yeon, Jong Bong Lee, Shur Chang Chae, Seung Boo Jung

Abstract: The grain growth behavior and mechanical properties in the friction stir weld zone after post weld heat treatment (PWHT) have been...

Authors: Hyun Byung Chae, Cheol Hee Kim, Jeong Han Kim, Se Hun Rhee

Abstract: Hybrid laser-rotating arc welding (HLRAW) process was designed by combining the laser beam welding (LBW) process with the rotating gas...

Authors: Mei Ling Li, Zhi Jun Yang, Xiu Xin Zhang, Ji Wen Chen, Hai Zhou Wang

Abstract: Original position statistic distribution analysis (OPA) technique is a new kind of analysis method that can be used to detect the...

Authors: Ji Hyun Yoon, Bong Sang Lee, Eui Pak Yoon

Abstract: The objective of this investigation was to correlate the chemical composition of welding rods for gas tungsten arc welding with the...

Authors: Kazutoshi Kunishige, Masaharu Hatano

Abstract: The recycling of scrap steels can be difficult due to the tramp elements that they can contain. During the steelmaking process, tramp...

Authors: C. Iparraguirre, Ana Isabel Fernández-Calvo, J.M. Rodriguez-Ibabe, Beatriz López

Abstract: The interaction between softening and precipitation mechanisms in hot worked Nb microalloyed austenite is analysed with the help of a...


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