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Authors: A. Srinivasa Rao, L. Kohler, L.F. Aprigliano
Abstract:In order to investigate the effect of heat treatment on the structure and morphology of spray formed structurally amorphous steel, several...
Authors: June Soo Park, Dong Hyun Kim, Young Kook Lee
Authors: Michel Perez, Eglantine Courtois, Daniel Acevedo Reyes, Thierry Epicier, Philippe Maugis
Abstract:High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscope and Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy and have been used to characterize the structure and...
Authors: Roney Eduardo Lino, Ronaldo Barbosa
Abstract:Industry hot deformation processes such as hot rolling are complex in nature. Setting up a rolling mill requires precise knowledge of the...
Authors: Jacobo J. Cardozo, A.L. Rivas, R. Colas
Abstract:The present investigation evaluates the effect of static annealing variables on the grain structure and mechanical properties of a 0.04...
Authors: Elena V. Pereloma, V. Bata, R.I. Scott, R.M. Smith
Abstract:This work explores the effect of Cr addition on the kinetics of strain ageing process. The strain ageing behaviour of low carbon steel with...
Authors: Frans Leysen, Jan Penning, Yvan Houbaert
Abstract:The present study aims to investigate the mechanism of the development of abnormal grain sizes in the through-thickness direction of hot...
Authors: S.K. Varma, Aditya Putrevu, Maduri Pasala, Z. Zeng, Ken Natesan
Abstract:Experiments involving metal dusting in carbonaceous atmosphere and oxidation in air have been carried out at 593 and 704oC using T22, T91...
Authors: Jean Louis Uriarte, A. Perlade, X. Lemoine, M. Soler, V. Ballarin, Thierry Iung
Abstract:Arcelor produces « Bake-Hardening » steels for automotive outer panels, which present the advantages of a remarkable drawability combined...
Authors: Carlos Camurri, C. Carrasco, I. Bello, M. Trucco
Abstract:From the mechanical point of view, the successful cold drawing of wire-rods of low carbon steel requires a high ductility and a ratio...
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